Monday, June 4, 2007

Blood, teeth and tears (and a little sweat thrown in)

I slept very little last night. In retrospect, I should not have started on that dishcloth at 10:30 pm but when I laid down I wasn't tired, so I thought I would cast something on with the needles and yarn in the bedroom. I started with the diagonal square, so you know that it starts fast and slows down really quick. It has been set aside for a bit as I had to frog a creative element and that is depressing.
Dad's socks have progressed to increasing for the gusset and the goal is to complete the increases before bed tonight. Perhaps not as it is now 10:30 pm.
The title warns you that life has been exciting here once again. I reluctantly headed off to work this morning as the little gurl was not eating (but drinking lots and into all sorts of trouble) and the big gurl had the runs last night (caused by the main food source since Saturday evening being the icing on the chocolate cakes on Saturday and Sunday and the chocolate cookies and the heat I am sure). We were up a few times in the night (like four).
She was fine by 7:30 so off to daycare she went and I went to work. I had a meeting for the big meeting tomorrow, so I was away from my desk until 11:00 am. There was a message from the school that she had fallen and hit her two front teeth and were they her permanent and ... PLEASE call.
So I did. They are her baby teeth and are still in her mouth. They are very sore and she has been drugged a couple of times.
But the shocker? no scrapes or bruises elsewhere. (i mean a little tiny one on one knee but I expected carnage on the nose or chin).
So at 12:30 pm I had my nap.
I was woken by the phone (direct energy).
And I decided that instead of staring at the jagged lawn and bemoaning the issues with the lawn mower, I would get an elastic, duct tape and a hammer and fix the problem.
The problem is fixed and the lawn is mowed - it was hot by the end, but if you wear shorts and little tank tops while mowing, you will get scrapes and burned and mosquito bites (although yesterday a mosquito bit me through my shirt into my back and that sucks cause it is an inconvenient place to scratch at. I mean I had lots of bare skin showing yesterday!!!)
excuse me while I scratch said mosquito bites
... and go see why the little one is crying.
I called my mom this morning to get her to measure Dad's foot! Thank goodness, there may have been some frogging otherwise!!!!!
His foot is 10 inches long, a sock that he wears regularly is 10 inches long and once i finish the increases and turn the heel, the sock will be almost 10 inches long. Does this sound right? It is narrower in the foot, so I figure any 'stretch and give" factor will progress to the sides and thus make the sock fit properly.
My Dad is funny - I measured his foot before, but didn't write it down. He asked then what it was for, and mom said he asked again. She didn't' answer. He will forget until he gets the socks.
I do know why some people only knit for themselves though. This is stressful - I mean what if they don't fit?.
Oh well, I need to really go check on that gurl and finish the increasing and i think I stopped in the middle of a dish cloth row and while I'm at it, I could do the dishes? NOT!


Batty said...

Oh dear, what a day! I wouldn't worry too much about the teeth, though.
When my sister was 4, she fell and hit her 2 top incisors on a table. They were completely invisible, we looked everywhere. Turns out they'd been shoved up all the way, back into her jaw. And you know what? They simply grew back out! Alive and healthy too, not dead or damaged or anything. Both of my parents are dentists, and they just couldn't believe it.

Get some rest and knitting time. You've had a tough one.

Vyvyan said...

Your teeth story made me almost faint. Count your daughter and yourself very lucky. My husband lost his front teeth at a tender young age. They had to implant permanent ones that were too large for him at the time (they were adult size since they didn't want to implant a second time). And the color still doesn't match his natural ones. That's why he never smiled in his photos for years.