Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a day!

I don't often say that honestly, but I feel like today I was homeowner of the year, employee of the year, mother of the year and friend of the year. That's a lot for me.
Homeowner of the year - this flows from last nights yard work. Today is garbage and recycling day and I got up bright and early (before 6:30 even) and made coffee, got the little gurl something to eat and then outside to get the garbage, paper recycling, plastic bag recycling and organics out. Stuff that had been waiting to go for two months left. The cement pad at the back door was swept. The planters and pots were watered. The car garbage and recycling left. (we won't talk about the interior of the house or the number of pens I stepped on just to get to my computer or the fact that the only reason the bathroom floor is washed regularly is that my gurlz dump water out of the tub everytime they are in it).
Employee of the year - I got so much done in 3 hours today, soothed so many ruffled taxpayers and didn't really muck around on anything that, well I felt like I worked a whole day.
Mother of the year - ready for this. I made sure the big gurl wore what she wanted to daycare, but packed a sweet clean outfit for the SK celebration and ensured that her hair was brushed and the necessary hair things were along for the fix up at school. I didn't yell and scream about the outfit she had on (just told Miss E at the daycare to please have her changed for 12:30 pm) At work, I remembered to call and beg the dentist for an appointment for those teeth cause they are still bothering her (and now me). I left work later than i wanted to, but stopped at the school and found my gurl in the outfit I picked out ready for new hair. The celebration was cute with lots of pictures and child participation and the requisite inability to understand what was being said into the microphone by the adults. Even though she whined, I didn't get overly upset or anything (just threatened no shopping) and when the teacher easily convinced her to go back to class for an hour that was fine with me. I returned to pick her up with beverages for both gurlz and diapers etc as we were headed to Old Navy (they have a sale on). Both gurlz got new clothes (matchie dresses and gauchos and tanks-i even got a matching tank) and the little one got some needed cute stuff. Then they got to play at the park (until potty break was needed). The sandals that wore out before the bill came in, were exchanged for some lovely pink ones.
Then off to the dentist - who determined the teeth must come out and my brave big gurl refused drugs and let him just pull them out. Just like that. Priceless. Then out to dinner for milkshakes and noodles. (i had steak fajitas and iced tea - no alcohol - another great step).
Friend of the year - one of my good friends just broke up with her guy(he dumped her) - he is going back to an abusive exwife because they have three kids and he misses his kids and she has threatened to move two hours away. CHUMP. Interesting that she wasn't interested until my friend and him became an item. K is naturally devastated and isn't eating and just stressing about it so, we had dinner together and well, she ate something so that was the important part. I feel for her, it's just she has to work through it and know that it wasn't anything she did.
So to end that, I just have to say that I am exhausted and only did mindless knitting (self patterning sock) which is turning less mindless as a heel has come into play.
The weekend is almost here. Hurray.


Batty said...

Yay, you!

Marti said...

That's awesome! And I was laughing when I read this because I can't tell you how many weeks I've stepped over piles of recyling on my way out the door to work mumbling something about putting the darn stuff out next week. :)