Monday, June 18, 2007

blogging woes, links and....

disclaimer - I am not speaking about anyone specifically, just venting about what i have issues with - it's an ethical warzone in my head speaking of which that reminds me of a song - Zombie, by the Cranberries. Love that song. and now that song is in my head and ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH
I'm not liking this inability of mine to add peoples' adorable LINK buttons on the side. I mane - I don;'t want a listing of names, I want the cute buttons - instant art. I'm not even going to try to create my own and why oh why does the actual post look nothing like what you created?
Here's another question - what are all these extras on facebook? I like it because it is 'almost' a chat room, but you have control and limit access to personal info and stuff. I don't want to superpoke someone - sorry but if I was going for superpoke .... well I WANT TO REALLY ENJOY IT!!!! And fortune cookies and virtual food fights - HELLO - I really want to throw a pie at you not just pretend!!! And slideshow applications and top friends WHAT? sorry - but I lose the pictures I do upload and I'm not into rating my friends.
And why do you have to tell me everything that everyone is doing? If I want to know what they are doing, I will go to their 'page or site' or whatever and read it. OR even better - if they really wanted me to know, they would tell me.
The other thing I don't understand is when people are facebooking or blogging or surfing the net - a lot of people do it while they are at work - and it has nothing to do with their job. Now, if you own your own company - great go to town on it. But if you are an employee - Hello?!?!?! I don't think you should be doing that. I've gotten to the point, where I am not even sending personal emails from work, and I don't open any links/attachments - even from internal coworkers - unless I know it is about work. Why? I just can't - Last month I printed some patterns from Knitty off - cause the work printer does it so well(both sides and all that), and I checked an ebay buy from work. I am still waiting for them to call me on the carpet for this. WHY? because it's not my computer, it's not my internet, printer or paper and it had nothing to do with my job (although I did wear the shoes to work so maybe - NO). I did do it on my 'break' but that doesn't give me the right to pursue personal interests on work assets. But some people expect it or just think they can do it.
I have used it for legitimate work purposes and am fine with that - Last week for example, I was researching hotels for my training the first week of July - I did it at work, because I kept forgetting to at home and because, it was for work. I don't feel guilty about that.
Huff and puff here as I get my frustrations out.
I will try to be positive and crafty tomorrow, but I'm done for now.


Anonymous said...

Cute photo of you!

As for internetting at work, I guess it's kind of a moot point for me since I've never worked at a place that has easy access to the normal internets. Now that I'm working from home (hopefully for not much longer) I do find myself browsing the web an awful lot, but I'll always take "breaks" and annotate them accordingly on my timesheet. What I've realized lately is that no one probably actually works a solid eight-hour day... It's hard to keep going for that long - I always feel exhausted when I do. So, I can understand the breaks. But I am a bit baffled when people surf the web the entire day. Then again, if they don't have anything else to do and the boss thinks it's okay, well, fine... (I will not even go into the trouble and precautions I once took to sneak over to the copy machine and make "Big Brother Is Watching You" posters with a picture of my old boss... It was like a recon mission!)

Batty said...

That is a cute photo!

The beautiful thing about being a librarian is that everything is work related. I've looked up everything from what session Congress was in in 1897 to how to exterminate roaches from the basement to some weird cults. It's a fun job -- anything is relevant when somebody wants to know!

Michaela said...

So you're not having much fun I gather, but hey, things could be worse - I've just done your 'what kind of yarn are you?' survey. You are lovely soft, warm, fluffy, cosy and delicious merino wool. I'm bloody dishcloth cotton. So you see, life can get worse!

gurlygurl said...

I don't do anything non-related to work at work these days (except email you although your response are curt and so I try not too as I figure you are very busy) I just don't have the time. And I don't always thinks it's appropriate either.

So vent away. That is why you blog.