Monday, June 11, 2007

Update on what?

So this weekend there was housework and laundry and birthday party and sleeping and wiggly teeth and knitting and camera woes and oops forgot to pay that bill and talking to sister and one of the brothers and then mom and an old boyfriend found me on facebook and chatted with him and allergies oh my and the socks for dad are coming along great (no I am not worried he would find me here)
There were tears of farewell as a friend has moved from Buffalo to Michigan (where in Michigan, I am not sure, but I was at her place in Buffalo (and that is not where she was either) like 5 times in 7 years so...
That was a lot of stuff.
I did knit in public on Saturday - at the birthday party. The morning was filled with housework and the little gurl had to have a nap. Then we went to the Knitting Habit for needles (addi and clover only please) and some mercerized cotton for Monica - in deep purple and lilac. That's what the big gurl wanted.
Picked up water on the way to the b-day party - oops we were an hour early so the gurlz played at the park. The party was fun and there was a wonderful lady there (no clue what her name is except that she has two children whose names end in li/ley (one of each). She commented how brave I was (the socks for dad were along) and she has only done scarves and dishcloths. I told her that I was terrified of it, but it is easier than expected and so rewarding.
It's funny, while I was there I had house envy as this place is much further along - fenced yard, perennial gardens, beautiful kitchen. But then I got home and was so relieved to be away from the stressful grandmother - for whom if something is positive, someone's been torn apart.
I told my Mom this and she said, even with the problems, my house is just right for me and that I will get a chance to make it my own. (I just need to stop buying the yarn - although it could be a great insulation).
Then Sunday I find a crack in my wall and my dad is talking me out of fixing the sewer line and then someone offered to do my handyman jobs for $10 to $15 (sorry k) per hour.
I cast on for a new sock, a monkey with a picot cuff, but it is not destined to become a monkey, because the yarn is self patterning and well - think it will just be my pick up and knit sock. The picot cuff is just so sweet - the big gurl asked if it was a crown and wants one for herself. Hmm. maybe.
Of course I have a million things to do and I am going to bed now.
A song and memory from childhood just came to me
Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on...
from the television show, The Littlest Hobo, all about this gorgeous German Shepherd dog who shows up at the right times and helps out people.
Why can't shows like that be tops again? Sorry if you are a Sopranos fan, but I may have seen about 10 minutes of one show ever and never saw the drawing card. People - it's just TV. It's not real.
Go see the Yarn Harlot's site for some gorgeous reality shots or this one for nature and life at its best.
Speaking of Dave's site. He has a picture of a sock with a hole in it. How do you deal with the pain and horror of a handknit sock getting a hole?!?!?!?!? my current socks get a 2 maybe 3 hours of foot time and that is it. I went outside yesterday and almost yelled at my crocs, not too hurt my socks. I have issues.
Anyone have an idea for how to convince a 6 year old that yanking those loose teeth is the way to go? It won't hurt a bit.


Batty said...

I have the same issues with socks I knit myself, or socks that were knit for me. I don't want them to wear through, so I almost never wear them.

As for the tooth... I used to pull my own, except once. My mother is a dentist. She told me she was 'just going to look'. Then she quickly stuck her hand in my mouth and pulled my (already very loose) tooth out with her fingers. Boy, was I mad!

So... that may not be the way to go. How about bribing kids with the tooth fairy?

gurlygurl said...

Tie a string on the tooth and the other end on the bumper of your car and ..... oh no! Well why not!! Come on now it would be just funny.....Ok Ok so ruin my fun why don't you.

Have her eat an apple it might get stuck in the apple since it's so hard.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm so sorry, but I was innocently reading your blog and came to the part about your wall... And I totally read, "And then I found crack in my wall" and thought, "Oh, my Lord! Crack! Girl, you need to find yourself a new place if you're finding drugs..." And then I re-read and discovered that I'm out of my mind.