Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mother of the year???

so, tonight I did the dishes and got the gurlz to clean up their toys in kitchen and living room. It's funny - they scream and cry because they have stepped on something that hurt them, but they don't pick it up = until I threaten to pick it up and throw it out.
Then the gurlz had their bath and since they weren't tired, I put on a Treehouse DVD Don recorded for them. Then I sat down to knit. The little one found me ... before it was dark outside and I tucked her into bed. The big one told me the Backyardigans were on and then periodically updated me on the shows. Then suddenly the mood changed (my little pony episode that scares her) and i asked if she wanted to go to bed. She did, so off she went. As I am coming back upstairs I glance at the clock and realize it is 10:00 pm. Good job mom.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my rant of yesterday. I do agree that if the boss doesn't give you any work to do, then well what else is there to do, and I would love to be a librarian -paid to look up anything and everything.
Thank you Michaela for reminding me that I am merino wool, however I would like to say that dishcloth cotton is also extremely useful, just maybe not as soft.
My knitting cut into my blogging time so I will have to do a retroactive post tomorrow re the weekend and my FO and my current knitting.

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Batty said...

I met lots of people in library school who were getting their degrees part-time after their kids were in high school/college/whatever. Not that I'm a librarianship pusher and enabler or anything...

I'm baffled. What's scary about that My Little Pony episode?