Thursday, June 14, 2007

Joie de vivre and knitting hell

So this morning I got out of bed just before 7:00 am. WOW! Don't get me wrong, I was kicked for about 45 minutes prior and would roll over suddenly thinking the little one had fallen out. Partly my fault as it was so hot last night, I put minimal Pjs on her and in the morning (around 4:00 am) she was freezing. I've decided that she has a psychic link to her father and that because he was up (he told me on the phone just now) she was up. I have a few of these psychic links - the big gurl's dad seems to kick in the child support just when things get desperate or I am ready to spend more on legal to get it all properly worked out. Some of my friends and I occasionally do it too.
Anyways, I was so rested, I went to work happy - a couple people asked how much sugar/coffee or drugs I was on today. I said none, I got sleep. That made them even grouchier. You see, the problem is that I am a morning person, generally cheerful and all that, but allergies and other stuff seem to get int he way. Today was a no-allergy day. No headache, not too much sneezing - BUT the sneezing was brought on by the airplane fans in the office. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean, but today I was working away on my papers when the plane engine started. That's the air circulation or directed individual fans or whatever. They are the bane of my existence in summer and winter. Don't even know they exist in spring and fall, but in the other two seasons, they blow all that air. Used to be that I had the big whole area one over me and I sat hunched over my desk as it blew air at me. Today it was a small vent - a good three + metres away, blowing on me and sending my papers into a tizzy - they were on the floor, almost tore up an important one, because it blew. And the air was cold. The worst part was that I distinctly remember thinking about 15 minutes before how nice it was not to be buried in my sweater and able to show off the lovely tunic blouse I had one. So, I complained and quickly put on the black cardigan that did nothing for my lovely outfit. This was at 11:30 am. I went for a walk to warm up and then lunch and then came back. The guy came around and looked at it and said okay. At 3:15 pm I hunted him down and said, very pleasantly that I was going to smash said vent if it didn't stop blowing on me (the boss came by earlier and I told him I was quitting, and he said well that solves your problem but creates a new one for me. When I told him what was wrong he stepped back - they've all been told not to touch these vents.)
That got his attention,m but he used the excuse that he was short and couldn't do it, but Matt was there and he came to my rescue. I was able to work the next hour or so in happiness and warmth. (by the way Matt is hot young and built, plus he is so sweet and will try to do what needs doing. gives me hope for the future)
So that was work hell and happiness. What's this about knitting hell? I finished the heel on sock two, but am probably frogging the 4 inches and completed heel on sock one due to a correction I made that makes the heel look better. (and that heel was knit twice already). ARRGGHH. The big gurl is talking about how she is going to put the socks on Opa's feet while he is sleeping to surprise him and I may be frogging one. YIKES.
Tomorrow we go to Marineland on a class trip and the little gurl is spending the day and night at her dad's. May have to see what the big gurl's grandma is doing and hang out with her, or just chill out at home.


Batty said...

It's weird. I hate mornings, have trouble getting up because of extremely low blood pressure, I just don't like it. Yet I get up at 6 am every morning because I also know I'm at my best, productivity-wise, before 11 am and after 11 pm. Weird.

You'll get that sock. I know you will. Don't let a pesky piece of footwear get you down!

gurlygurl said...

We have that weird phychic link too don't we!!!!