Sunday, June 3, 2007

Me is not the teacher!!!

I have not the patience to teach!!
My big gurl asked me to teach her to knit the other day. I tried. We had 4 mm needles and some simple bernat handicrafter cotton. It didn't' work. I feel like I am giving up, but she didn't even get one loop or make one stitch. She gives up just as quick as I do.
Any suggestions for needle sizes and yarn types?
Did you know that in the space of an hour - you can get more housework done than a whole day? I folded the baskets of laundry, made all three beds, washed some more laundry, sorted my and the little gurlz clothes, folded the newly dry laundry and started another load.
I have to go to bed now, cause I am very tired and the big gurl who had a 3+ hour nap on the floor of the office, is well falling asleep there again. Believe me - she slept in this morning too. We are all going to bed.
Have a great Monday!


Batty said...

It's worth trying again in a while. Or... gasp, she might be a crocheter! I took to knitting like a fish takes to water, but only after almost 25 years of trying am I managing to produce a semi-recognizable crocheted object. Maybe it's the other way around for her?

Anonymous said...

I'd use big, big needles and a nice, tightly-plied yarn. Cotton is always splitty for me when I'm working with beginners!

How about getting her one of those "knitting dolls" - okay, I know they have a technical name, but they're the spool-like thingamajiggers that you use to basically create I-cord. Am I making any sense? Sigh...

gurlygurl said...

I know the stuff that linnea means. Is it that round plastic things that makes tubes? I can knit with that :-)

Heck the cat could knit with that.

Don't you have one of those?

sharon said...

I know the thing you mean, but it has a UFO from childhood on it.
However tomorrow, I may make a run to the yarn store for one. She has worked on the knitty looms but stops after only 5 rounds and proclaims herself done. I'm trying to get her to make something longer.

Vyvyan said...

You may want to wait until she's a little older. But I know what you mean about not being patient enough to teach. I was doubtful I could do it but I was able to teach my son to knit when he was 13 or so. Now he won't touch it. It's still shocking I could do it though.

If she still wants to learn--make sure she ~wants~ to--then yes, go with the big needles in a bright color and a cheap acrylic that isn't splitty. And maybe let her pick out the color.