Thursday, June 7, 2007

Knitting, contests, drinking and Brown Sheep anyone

I've been knitting quite diligently, however just have not the energy to download or upload the pics. Will do soon.
Go here for a cool contest, but even better, some new inspiration to drink!!!
Need to drink more water!!!

Does anyone have some matching skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece they can sell/loan/destash or trade me? I really want to make the big gurl, the Monica tank from Knitty but am finding no yarn that will do. Or - if you know a store that sells it and has it in stock right now, I would appreciate the help. Of if you have made it with something else, let me know. The Berocco Cotton Twist just seems to much for a little gurl.


pixie said...

That Monica tank is SO adorable! Can't wait to see what you come up with for colours. Going to go girly pink? I hope so!

As for your colour imaginings, I haven't made black and fuchsia yet (hard to do with kool aid!) but that's my VERY FIRST planned colourway when I get my acid dyes! (Well, with a splash of neon green thrown in, but I can definitely do some without the green.)

gurlygurl said...

I could not find the contest and what's this about drinking!! I hope it's the boozy kind of drink. Come over and drink with me and bring the kids.

Batty said...

I have some Cotton Fleece, but it's this deep, grass green color, which doesn't seem all that appropriate. I know my LYS has the stuff in purple, not sure about pink.

I made my Monica out of Tahki mercerized cotton. Can you get your hands on that?