Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Helpful tooth advice and the wonders of children

Not much on the knitting front today. Yesterday work held a BBQ for the employees to honour those who have lasted 10 15 20 25 30 and 35 years. Not much for a 7 year veteran to do but eat and then sit and chat. Well if you are sitting and chatting, you can knit on something right? I brought along the dishcloth I am working on for me and happily stitched away while participating (minus a little frogging and dropped needles). Well today they posted a whole folder of the pictures and there is a gorgeous one of me (looking slim - side profile) concentrating on my knitting. Just waiting for the comments to pour in from management.
uhm, sharon as that knitting was on work time, it belongs to the company - does it come in a size small.
One person commented on what she thought I was thinking by the time they are done this meeting, I will be able to wear my sweater. Haha.
So, today, as part of Canadian Blood Services Week, I gave blood and knitted on sock #1 (little thought involved) while waiting. I love the *top secret* and *confidential* questions: in the last 12 months have you had sex with... paid for ... received money for... The nurse who had to ask these questions was fabulous and kept it light and fun. I told her that they should just start with - when did you last have sex. Then see which of the 15 or so questions actually required asking!!! She said though that they are supposed to do it with a straight face and stare down the person to ensure they are answering truthfully. It was a great hour of helping out, but also seeing how others deal with some of the restrictions placed on us because of our jobs. The one nurse even stated a disclaimer the views and statements of the Canadian Blood Services Staff are not reflective of... She was male bashing a little and we were all laughing and having fun. Partly because the TV was not on at this point. People had to socialize!!!
hmm that was supposed to be a short summary of knitting and turned into a wonderful diatribe. Oh well.
Regarding the teeth issues - I will wait and see - tried to get her to eat a caramel tonight, but she either didn't or chewed on the sides.
I just have to say that the little gurl is everywhere. I pray every night that she will not try or figure out that she can climb out of her crib. She is so determined and will get on or in something even if it means moving furniture. The big gurl was such a well behaved child. That's not really fair, because the little one is not that bad, she's just trying to keep up.
The socks issue - I think this will take a while to get over. Maybe once I have 6 pairs of monkeys and five of simple toe up and am a little more comfortable with making them.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you actually had a decent day on company time! Wonderful! How rare is that? You should show us your picture, too. This probably sounds really self-centered, but I love good pictures of me. They're so darn rare, too, so when I do get a good one I want to continue admiring it. And perhaps freeze in whatever pose I was in. ;)

Batty said...

Yes, we'd love to see a pretty picture of you knitting!

I can't give blood for several reasons, one being that I was in the UK when I was 16. For some reason, they think this may expose people to BSE. The other reasons are Lyme disease and being underweight. It isn't my fault I have my dad's bird bones!