Friday, June 8, 2007

answers, gurlz

Mel - Monica is this. I want to make it in shades of pink or pink with green or at this point any nice yarn. I bought some lovely pink but the yarn is not soft like I want.

Anyone want two whiny gurlz?

Batty - I am going to the LYS tomorrow and will see what they suggest. Someone else had suggested mercerized cotton, but was afraid it wouldn't be quite right.
I will try it cause it seemed softer that the cotton twist.


gurlygurl said...

It you use pink on the bottom and green at the top she will look like a strawberry!! Cute Monica.

Batty said...

I really liked the mercerized cotton. The only problem I had with Monica had nothing to do with the yarn and everything with picking the wrong length needles for my trip to Syracuse. I ended up ML it (knit the whole thing in the round to avoid seaming) but ended up with little ladders because my cable wasn't long enough not to stretch the yarn. But other than that... it was lovely working with the stuff!