Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FO, father's day and other

So I promised a Finished object and I had one due for father's day. So here they are.

I finished them except for the ends on Saturday night before cards with the parents and my youngest brother and his wife. I didn't want him getting them until morning, but I'm no fool and wanted him to try them on before finishing up. So in the morning, he got them and after he had showered he tried them on. He couldn't get the cuff up to or over his heel. Shucks. Now I am very glad I knit these toe up, cause that was just the inch of ribbing causing a problem. So I frogged back to the 2nd row of ribbing (a whole 4 rows) and then did two rows on a size 5.0 mm needle as opposed to the 4.o mm I started with. Then i had him try 1 on. It was great - see sunshiny pic!
Then I finished the other and there they are on the feet.
Project Specs:
Thuja, from Knitty but knit toe up as opposed to cuff down. Used the magic cast on from Knitty and the heel from Widdershins, also Knitty.
Yarn is from spindlecatstudios@etsy. Lovely dark pigeon in 100% superwash merino wool.
Knit on size 4.0 mm with the exception of the cuff.
I will definitely use this pattern again - simple seed stitch rib over 4 stitches. Approximate yarn usage 200 to 300 yards - still have two decent half skeins of yarn. Want to make that cute rainbow elephant of ????
Father's Day was lovely and sunny. The little gurl did not sleep well and neither did I, but I figured I could squeeze in a nap. There was swimming and food and napping.
We left around 5:00 pm as both gurlz were exhausted and I was wide awake from my nap. They lasted 5 minutes. Before she crashed though, the big gurl asked to see Grandma and Daddy. I promised to call when we got local and we would see. But she had to sleep.
So I called and Daddy said great and would make dinner. A quick stop at home for the bag of goodies for Dad and off we went. It was great. The gurlz had a good time, I had some adult conversation- got to see the new menu for his new job and we were home and in bed a little after 10:00 pm. Reminded me again why no other guy will do - too bad this one is dedicated to work!
Who knows what the future holds!!!
Tonight I was inspired by the nasty looking lawn and whipper snipped and mowed and it looks very lovely now. I must remember to get out of bed on time in the morning so the garbage, recycling can go out and so I can water those poor plants. We got lots of rain yesterday but they are still drooping.
I have another pair of socks on the go. They were supposed to be Monkeys with the picot edge from Caro at January One. But the yarn I am using is super patterned and I felt the monkey lace would get lost. They are my take anywhere socks and are so easy.
I have yarn coming my way - bad girl I know, but there was the Booty Club from Yarn Pirate and Pixieriot had this gorgeous yarn she hand dyed(mysterious) and then Nell needed to destash and it was stuff I can't get my hands on here. And then the Insurbordiknit yarn for June came in Dirty Mash you can see it if you click on the picture - the big gurl has already claimed it for a Babushka (one of my words of the day used to define anything Polish or slightly unknown).
To further explain that - at work today we had a My Canada Day where we celebrate the diversity of the people in the office with food. For $3.00 we got a taste of food from 19 different cultures/countries. To put this taste into perspective - I ate breakfast this morning. The tasting started at about 10:30 am and it took me until 3:00 pm to eat everything. The only other thing I've had is water and a cooler. I wasn't hungry at dinner. I'm still not hungry. The polish ladies had what I called a Babushka - I know it wasn't but I can't think of the name.
Back to the big gurl - she wants a knit bandanna triangle/headband from the yarn. I think I will also make her a scarf - there are 80 yards so it should be enough - on size 13 needles.
Must go to sleep now as tomorrow is the big gurlz Senior Kindergarten Celebration and I have to work in the morning (and a trip to the dentist will likely occur, cause something is up with those teeth).
have a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Sharon! Your socks are lovely! I'm envious.

Hey, if you want the pattern for the hat I knit, email me and we can *cough* work something out. Really, just email me. Or I'll knit one for you! Easy stockinette stitch in-the-round patterns are about all I'm up for these hot summery days! lgschuy AT yahoo DOT com

Happy Kindergarten Celebration to the Big Gurl!

P.S. Never, ever feel bad for yarn acquisition!

peaknits said...

Love the socks! I am very envious of your yarn-to-come:) Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see what people thing of the Booty Club, I held back and wonder if I will regret that!:) Thanks for coming by my blog too and your kind wishes! Take care!

gurlygurl said...

I am feeling bad that you want to knit me a pair for all the work it took for your dad . Too much work for something for me like that. Just buy me a pair or something.