Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yarn Pron - special delivery!

Well - it was a wet day. And the allergy testing. AND THE MAIL!!!!! (i got a lot at work too, but it is not fun stuff like this!!! When I came home tonight there were 3 packages. The box was not really for me as I bought Barbie some clothes and stuff on eBay. Megan is playing happily with them right now!!

Below the box however is my stuff!!!!

The two sweet paper rolls and the kitty card are from Spindle Cat Studio. There is more yarn coming, but wanted to show these off. The greenybrown is called crisp and is a 100% merino wool that requires handwashing. The tabby coloured yarn is called tabbymix (d) baby soft! and is 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon. I love these colours. The little card has 5 stitch markers on it with leopard/lapis theme.

The other yarn in the picture is koigu kpppm in k400 (2 skeins) and Scarlet Fleece in raspberry & kiwi, 80% merino/20% nylon. The colours are fabulous.

Of course, the mail also included a bill and a notice that because one of the gurlz turns 6 this month, the federal childcare supplement for her will cease. I guess you get the good with the bad! My camera doesn't do the colours justice!

On a positive note, I only have about 7 more rows to go on the brim of the hat. Worked on it while waiting at the allergist today. He saw me some 7 years ago and was mildly surprised at the changes in my life. Great man - very personable as doctors go (considering was sticking holes in my arm).

Must go prepare for the birthday and clean and... you know the main reason is that my mother is coming and if I don't do it she will and I know I've not been as good as I could.

Hopefully will have updates on Sunday night with the completed hat and birthday!

have a fabulous week-end everyone!

(ps - i am going to work tomorrow but i feel better for saying that)

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gurlygurl said...

I thought it said Yarn Porn...LOL