Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knit, fold and rules

Knitted some more on the hat today. Lunch and quilt was more of a chat fest as I did nothing more than last week.(found the missing blocks so that accounts for something). So while others were chatting, I knitted. I have this rule that I try to follow with knitting and a standard pattern - Work to the end of the pattern repeat or if a long pattern, to a natural break. Since this pattern has a six row repeat and I had stopped the night before at row 4, I completed rows 5 (cable row) and 6. I really like the pattern and the knitting is going well, but I think my head is too big.
Found a use for some of my scrappin' paper stash. At work we have an annual meeting for our division and I offered to help. We need big tic tac toe boards and the origami 'matchmaker'. As our budget is limited, I offered to provide the paper - 12 x 12. Figured could get rid of something to a good cause. The bright green paper is for the tic tac toe board and the matchmaker is going to be done in a vintagey pattern. Don't know why I ever bought it, but the group loves it.

Further to the rules of yesterday, it was confirmed for me that I need to be a) deathly ill or b) having surgery in order to be home without the gurlz. Now for some reason I don't think I would be home if I had either of those problems, but that's just me. I also asked what would happen if 1 of the gurlz was ill, could I send the other? No.
So of course tonight, Megan is not feeling well - didn't even eat dinner, just a big cup of juicey water. I gave her some drugs (legal ones) but she was still complaining her head hurt. I think she may have a little bit of heat stroke or something (I'm very susceptible) and the sun was really hot today. Or she's already using the 'I'm sick so i can't do my homework routine.'
Need to find all my bills and find out which haven't been paid yet.

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