Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What a night. (and this morning was about the same with the screaming fits).
As stated to Jacque (this kitten knits) my hat goes off to all the stay at home parents. Today was one of those days where I LOVE my JOB! (and not only because it enables my shopping)

Work was fine - blah blah blah.

The evening started relatively well. Agreed upon meal (pastarriffic = KD) with fresh veggies. While it was cooking, I reviewed my emails, checked out my new knitting accessory kit (Clover brand) and got mentally psyched for housework, cooking and paperwork organization.
Big gurl had a nap - no kidding! PJ day at daycare (cause no school) and she comes home and falls asleep like that. Managed to wake her up once dinner was ready (she was starving). Don't laugh, cause I've had occasions where she goes to sleep at 5:30 -6:00 pm and doesn't get up for 12 to 13 hours - no food. This was not one of those occasions.
Gurlz had dinner and ate it all up - Yay!

The crap hit the fan over dessert. I said pudding, jello or applesauce. She wanted granola. The volume that gurl can make - and then her sister started because I dragged them both out of the cupboards. I ignored them. Thought about a nice strong beverage - but I have allergy testing tomorrow and don't want to skew it or anything. You know the thing about allergy testing? when it happens during allergy season All those lovely flowers pollinating and then there is the perfume and the dust and the cat hair and... It has been 4 very hard days, but tomorrow morning, they will test me and prescribe and then all better (whatever). Thinking about drinking made me thing about Wendy's Blog, knit and tonic. Wanted a tonic of some sort!!!! Me being best mom in the world, simply took pictures!

Then out of the blue, the big one gets a bowl and some pudding and even helps her sister out and life is sweet for about 10 minutes. I think the big gurl is teething (loose tooth etc) so I had given her some drugs to take away the pain. She asked to watch a video and since the dishes and lasagna and cookie dough was calling, I said okay. Put the DVD in (computer) and walked away.
The next thing I know she is whineyelling that it's not starting and start it right not Mommy. I told her to ask nicely and believe me, she did not. So I said no video. The little one was tired so I tucked her into bed.
10 minutes later (sense a trend here) the big one offers to help and I suggest the dishes. She did a whole sinkful!!!! Then helped me set up the lasagna, and then she went to bed. I still need to do the dishes (pots and pans) and the cookie dough. Then I get to go to bed.

Question of the day: How are you so patient when you are waiting for that yummy yarn to arrive? The only thing keeping me sane is that I have no time to work on it, so it will be put away (to hide it from my mother also) until sometime next month.

I linked to Scout's swag, cause I am going to do some shopping there - in the fall. I should have recovered financially by then!

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