Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dizzy Dancing and a Hat

Gurlz = pretty things and dance. Two nights in a row. But she was just beaming when she came out and Emira, from daycare, said she was bouncing off the wall. That's okay then, it makes it all worth it.

I have a finished object. Crocheted, but completed nonetheless. Megan wanted a poncho and we found a pattern at Zellers and the yarn was on for buy one get one free. So we bought enough for the hat and the poncho. I started the granny squares right away. There were six different designs (three colour selections) and I made one of each. By the last one, I was reminded why I don't have a granny square skirt (i want one so bad). The ends, finishing the ends. Even with working over as many as I could, there were so many ends, the squares looked fuzzy. It looked like Megan was not going to get the poncho.

Then we went to H&M and there was the sweetest poncho for $13.90 cdn (about $15 with tax). After a debate (they are not as well made as we would like) the green/orange/pink one came home with us. But I still had these completed granny squares and felt like the ultimate heel (we reserve this for the daddy's to be) so I started on the charming hat that was with the poncho.

Since I don't do gauge swatches, the hat was tried on at round three. "It's too tight! We'll have to give it to Kadyn, or my sister." aaarrrgggghhhh. Frustration set in - it wasn't even finished. But since I wanted to make a hat for myself, I was determined to finish it. What's a mother to do for 1/2 an hour while #1 daughter is dancing? Crochet on the hat (and chase daughter #2 out of the toilets and change her bum...) When the class was done, the hat was almost done, so I had Megan try it on. She loved it. Even smiled through the comment that should make tea cozies (it sort of looks like one) and the girl has confessed to being greatly enamored of tea. Might even make her a tea cozy.
Monday night while awaiting the final bid from eBay for my Koigu, I completed the hated task of weaving in the ends and cutting and ... (the Koigu is mine along with some scarlet fleece tubular x 2 hand painted luxury yarn)

The hat on the floor - most neutral background.

The hat on Megan - 7:00 am just out of bed and look at that!!!

Bernat cottontots in strawberry, very berry and lovely lilac. From their Bernat, Kool Kids (to knit & crochet).

The hat went to the doctor for the annual check up, both girls are healthy. She wore it to school for gym and daycare and rockhunting and ballet. Oh and supper at pizza hut. I think from now on I will complete something for her and then see. (unless of course it is really horrible, then I will frog it and start something else)

The cable hat for me has made it's way onto the knitting needles. I've changed it slightly as I don't have the right size dpn or circular, so I am using the Lovely Lilac from Bernat and a size 4 needle. No gauge done so...

To correctly report the pattern, it is from, knit.1 spring 2007 issue and is called cable rib hat. Pattern calls for Organic Cotton by Lion Brand yarn on 3.75 needle. I'm a little different. We shall see what happens.
Of course, there are always the UFO's in the corner of my room.
Need to go to sleep because the little one has not been sleeping the night lately.

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