Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things that need to be done but...

Want to... need to... going to... and I did... well I made it to work.

Ran into the Knitting Habit while the big gurl was at dance rehearsal - had about 4 minutes before closing. Picked up the Addi Turbo circulars so as to work on a pair of socks. Susan mentioned a class that will be coming in May, and am really tempted - need to find a place for the gurlz, maybe Grandma will take them one Monday, and the next they can go to D & D or even... Will need to hurry up and make a decision. The class is to learn how to knit a pair of toe-up socks without a pattern from any yarn. Like that idea.

Work was crazy busy plus there was a lunch for a co-worker who is moving up to Toronto to work. Free lunch though cause Todd somehow felt he should pay for it. His statement was that he is "single, with no-one to spend it on and we were cheap dates". There were 12 of us. Oh well - I wasn't arguing. I think he is still trying to catch Kelly and she is not interested.

Bought some more fishy themed stuff for the gurlz birthday. Need to take stock of the cupboards and then will be ready. Tomorrow night is the time as there is nowhere (I think, hope, pray) that we have to be.

That's all for now - thanks Mel for offering to take the big gurl. We will get together for dinner yet.

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