Saturday, April 21, 2007

The weekend is for ... resting?

Saturday was busy?!?!?!
I'm not sure. I took it kind of easy this morning (Yep slept on the couch, and the way things are going will be there again tonight). Made banana pancakes at the big one's request - feeling better thank goodness (however did have to detour shopping to buy more drugs for her)
I'd love to say it's because I didn't do anything, but the car is clean - windows, dash and floor.
The front porch has been vacuumed so the gurlz can play there while I'm cooking or cleaning or something.
The little one was up and down, up and down, up and down. And had stopped worrying about her and then get to watch her tumble down. She has a slight mark on the head but otherwise is fine. Mommy had a glass of wine with her dinner - settle my nerves or something like that.
Cooking food for family dinner.
The big one turns 6 next Sunday, and since I've made the rule (for myself) that have to use the food in the house up - I'm talking about the preserved foods that may have moved with me twice already. Sheila Wray Gregoire, who has a website here,, writes a reality check column and she has some good points. The first one I received was about how we go grocery shopping every week because we have no food, but if we sat down and figured it out, we would have some $450 plus in the house. She suggested using these products and trying to buy what you need instead of storing it for...
I challenged my friend Melinda to try to inventory and work our way through the cupboard and fridge and freezer. There are some things we have to buy - milk, fruit and vegetables, but the rest - do we even know what we have? I know I don't.
So I decided I was making lasagna for birthday dinner. The big one won't eat it but it's her party she can cry if she wants to. And I am making the black forest tart or squares that Woof Nanny had a link to. I had everything except the cherries.
The cake or whatever gets made will be from what's in the cupboards too.
As a note, this isn't just for the birthday - I'm not chintzing the big Gurl. Trying to do this daily, using up what we have. Since I don't know what's there, it's a little hit and miss, but the Lipton's sidekicks pasta primavera was good for dinner and there were some taco chips for the picky ones.
Of course, now I have to start doing that with my crafting. But the yarn is so yummy and well, that would look better in this colour and...
Back to today's activities, the car cleaning took a couple of hours, the naps took at least an hour, shopping this morning - I bought more clothes for me, can we say 'necessities'. You know it's time to replace the undies, when if you move one way, you push out and without major lift action, can't get back in place.
I knit one whole row on the hat. Less than a week to go - and not much time in that week either. I can forgo sleeping I guess, not that big a deal except for falling asleep in front of the boss and...
Need to put the sauce for the lasagna in the fridge as went blog lurking (I did comment on a few) and then someone had more links to yummy yarn on Etsy...
I stayed strong though.
Tomorrow the little one is going with her dad, cause the big one and I are going bowling with a crew from work. Must find our where that is. Meant to call and ask, but the sun was shining and the car was dirty.
Dirty ARRGGHH - the pants the Little one wore for the very first time must clean the dirt from them.
As a sidenote, I won on This Kitten Knits - and yes that is a true story about the big one!

Have a blessed Sunday and I am going to try to hit Insubordiknit's Yarn Shop tomorrow night.

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