Friday, April 20, 2007

Home with Sick Kid and Not Sick Kid

It's been a day. Lots of sunshine - hung the laundry outside, but need to put up the clothesline because I ran out of room. Chased the little gurl through mud puddles and down the driveway and out of the bathroom. The big gurl - she was sick. I have to admit that I am blessed with my gurlz in that they are not miserable/whiny/nasty sick kids. I've seen those and they are scary. Princess Diaries 1 and 2 was watched, along with fishy music DVD (she loves sharks! - who knew). Some Obedience and Goodness videos (have to get the good in even when they are sick). The little one was ... well ... she made up for the big one. Into everything and testing all the limits. And picking on the big one. HOKEY SMOKES! When you have to give an 18 month old a time out because she has beat up her sister (no blood, just climbing all over and pesting), but first have to yell to be heard over the screaming, you have a problem. My tenant, Tammy, confessed to actually hearing the gurlz screaming/crying. It's a regular house and so there is no extra insulation between floors, but this was the first time. She knows that we hear her discussions with Shed, loud and clear. We usually end up with apology gifts.
Anyways, I feel bad about my 'faking sick' comment from yesterday. The poor gurl is running a temperature of 102 to 103 whenever the drugs wear off. She drank lots, and ate yogurt, mashed potatoes and baby Mum Mums. Was devastated when I didn't let her outside this morning, but even though the sun was hot enough to burn skin, the air still had a nip in it. We went for a walk this afternoon and she played outside for maybe 10 minutes, and then went in. The fresh air will do her good, but I just want her better. Complaining of a sore throat and neck though - neck probably from the angle of the screen.
I have found the most amazing coloured yarn!!!! Although I don't have a cat and sometimes make unfriendly comments or move away from cats and their people, I LOVE CATS. But I am allergic to them so I avoid them. Anyways, someones blog linked me to Etsy. WOW!!! I love Pierre the Yarn Snob's yarn. Picked up a skein of his yarn. While looking at the 'new' listings, I noted a beautiful multicoloured yarn that looked like a cat that we had growing up. I bought a variety. Then I went to look at her past products. WOW. Can you say cat yarn? The colourways make me think of kittens. I originally bought the yarn for socks, however, I think the little pull skein I picked up is turning into a little stuffed cat - going to try a pattern I have somewhere. If you want to see, go to (i think that is the link)
Picked up some cute stitch markers. Love them, but also thinking of sending to a new friend. Will see what happens.
Meant to finish the hat today, however, while working on pattern repeat number 5, I counted the rows and realized I had missed one just before cable number 3 - so I frogged it. This was a big thing for me, cause part of me said - No one will know BUT I WOULD! and for many years, if I screwed up, I just stopped. So it's coming along nicely and before I go to sleep, I will finish one more pattern repeat...
Oh, maybe not, just remembered the clean laundry from Wednesday's sick day and today - waiting for me to finish folding - ON MY BED! which needs the clean sheets put back on and... maybe I will sleep on the couch tonight?
One other thing I did was work on organizing paperwork. Hate that. But I keep the books for my church and someone in this house (little) decided to pull out the file folders a few months ago and well, it's filing time. Didn't finish that either.
Wanted to put in pictures of the yarn picked up at LYS last week. Sitting waiting for me. Along with the pattern of a tank top wanted to make for last summer. Will try today.
Oh - Jacque, I love the stuff from White Lies Designs. Too many patterns, so little time.

ps. have you seen what comes up when you spellcheck frogged? funny to me.

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