Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday ..... unlike the others.

Sundays - as a child they were the day when you did nothing but have fun/rest. There was always church in the morning and night, but in between you could explore the world. Sleep in until about 8:00, read a book, watch a Disney special, craft, visit a friend, family get togethers. Work was unknown and unless you desperately needed gas you didn't buy anything.
I'm not sure what's happened, but my Sunday has changed quite a bit. Often I find myself finally finishing the laundry, dishes and housework. With kids you seldon sleep in, because they have their weekday routine and messing it up is not a good thing. Since you're up at 6:00 am you do all those housework tasks, pay bills, forget to shower and end up racing out the door so you can walk into church 5 minutes late. After church, I'm so exhausted by the time we get home that all I can do is put the little one, coat and all, in bed - praying that she'll sleep for another hour, and either convince the big one to nap too, or play quietly while I nap.
Today was different. The gurlz woke me from a deep sleep at some point this morning, but then played happily while I caught another hour or so of mild sleep. It was 8:00 when i entered the kitchen (one dirty diaper changed). Of course it was 8:15 before i got the first cup of coffee, but it was worth it. The gurlz played (norah getting into things she shouldn't) and it was almost a leisurely morning.
Funny that, I should have been anxious as family was due that afternoon and they hadn't seen the new house and they have three boys. But, megan had already decided that we were having homemade pizza and salad for supper and dessert was being brought. No rushed cooking of this and that although a stop at Zehrs was required as both milks were running low.
We were at church before it started - and since we moved 20 minutes as opposed to 5 minutes away, this is no small feat. Megan behaved in church - no squealing and whining that she wanted to go to babysit and was os tired and... Poor Barb behind me didn't have her morning entertainment.
After church, we needed groceries. A houseful of gurlz doesn't have all the right stuff for four boys, plus norah's sippy cups were being replaced. Spill proof???? Hello !??!?!!? the milk was pouring out of it. Sorry Gerber and Avent, but enough is enough. She's a Playtex girl now - they even have cool 3D designs on them.
I actually had time to sit quietly and crochet before the boys arrived. And Oma, what a surprise and a Godsend - I didn't even stress and believe me for the neatness upstairs, my bedroom is disaster (wasn't that the first place she went to see what i had done). Krista, my sister-in-law is finishing up her ministership courses (already has the degree but needs some courses - hence the new word).
It was a great visit. My oldest brother, Garret, checked out the broken dryer and determined, it was easier to fix a newer old one that his father-in-law has and then put together the handreel mower he brought. Yes, we are going Green here. If my muscles hold up and the lawn is more level than it actually looks.
The boys are justin (8), daniel (3) and calvin (1). Add in norah (18mth) and megan (5.95) and you have a party. Poor daniel often got the shaft because he is too little for one group and too big for the other. He survived though.
Supper was fun. Kudos to justin for letting daniel have the last bi-coloured pudding cup. Of course the peach pie and whipped cream was way better but to each his own.
Because i work for the income tax department (CRA), i help my older brothers and my sister with their tax returns. (david has his own business and i would rather not screw that up). Garret came to get his taxes done and help out where he could. He took back their old computer, so i have more space for my craft supplies.
Speaking of taxes - only two more weeks folks (in Canada) April 30th is the due date (unless you are self-employed then it is june 30th). But all bills must be paid by april 30th or they will start adding interest the next day.
Anyways, the boys and oma left and us gurlz are winding down. Norah is asleep and megan is playing something (involves a lot of talking to herself). Me - i have to make a hat for a wedding shower on the 28th and I found one i like in knit 1 (vogue knitting's more affordable and reasonable 'zine). That's the problem with shoppping without a list - you always go down that aisle...
I think i will go dig through my stash for the right yarn. Talk to you later.

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