Monday, April 23, 2007

And I did what?

I need to clarify something. On Saturday night, when I blogged, I stated i would probably end up on the couch. Imagine my surprise when not only did I not, but all the laundry was folded and basketted (gurlz) and mine was put away. Then I made my bed with the clean sheets (after despidering one) and crawled in. What inspired me? I put those very dirty clothes in the wash, and since I don't trust my laundry pipes, I had to stay up until the load was done and hung up. Which reminds me, it should be dry by now.
I am not anti-technology, ore dryer/TV but the dryer is broke and a lot of the clothes don't dryer well. With regards to TV - we were looking at getting one for Christmas, however the house purchase and all that took up more of our $$ then expected and really, we don't want a TV. Our computer is great for showing DVDs and this way, I have extra space for my craft supplies.
Work was, well work. I realize that i didn't do a whole lot last week - shuffle papers it seemed. That's actually being a little harsh on myself, but it was the 'middle work'. The get started on it, send letters and then wait for information that looks like nothing got done work. Made up for it today, and will tomorrow too.

Question - do those baby carrots in the little bags go bad? or could they have salmonella poisoning on them? or is only eating baby carrots for dinner because you are driving your gurl to ballet and have no time not a good thing? I had good intentions, however when I left work, it downpoured and I got wet (my knitting and purse didn't cause I covered them with my coat). Anyways, I didn't dry before I got home, so I quick changed into my comfy cozies and then I remembered that the minister needed to be paid (cause you know when you go to church with it and don't see him just before you leave it comes home with you) and ended up on the phone with him for a couple of minutes and then horrors of horrors nothing healthy in the fridge except baby carrots.
The gurlz had crackers and cheese and big glass of milk. The minister got his cheque.

The hat fits. I picked up the stitches for the brim and got into that during lunch. May not be going to the wedding shower cause not sure what to do with the big gurl. Might see if Melinda wants her for about six hours. Mel - let me know when you read this.
Am looking at the next project and also at the UFOs. Can't decide what to do, cause to start the socks, i need to pick up matching circulars (otherwise I will finish one but never the other). Thought about Fetching/Dashing or maybe a poncho/capelet. The knit.1 zine with the pattern for the hat has a delightful one, and I have some yarn that would make a lovely one. But then I want to try needle felting on it and then...

What I need to do is the dishes and then find the papers for the work meeting.
And the lasagna, and that bill sitting in front of me that is due on... Saturday?!?!?! Why? Can't they just go the extra distance to put it on the next normal business day? arrgghh

That coat I mentioned earlier? I wore it on Saturday too, a nice lightweight jean jacket. Last time I wore it was December 15 or so - when I changed my address on my licence and ownership. Found the ownership and insurance folder in the pocket (along with some sort of cookie). That answers the beginning of April question and the tearing up of the car for it.

have a great night!

OH - to do my governmental duty - taxes are due April 30th folks - you've got a week.


Martina said...

Hi there thanks for the comment on my blog. The store is at 229 Brock St N. in Whitby. Brock st is Hwy 1. Exit at Brock (hwy 12) go north to to blocks north of hwy 2. Not too far from the 401 at that point. Hope you can make atrip out sometime! You've got cute girls there! Mye and my girl got caught in the rain today leaving the library!

Marti said...

I totally envy your having a clothesline - I love the smell of clothes dried out in the fresh air! I've thought about putting one up, but since our backyard is mostly covered in pine trees I can't figure where we'd put it. As much as I love the smell of air dried clothes, I'm not keen on the idea of spending hours scraping pine sap off my work pants.