Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tired, Rules and some crafty stuff.

Exhaustion = parenting.
I've cried three times today I'm so tired.
When I dropped Megan at daycare, I was informed that even if I was home sick, she couldn't be there if I wasn't at work. I receive a subsidy to help pay for my childcare (otherwise I couldn't afford to work. I left her there anyways because she was going straight to school. Norah went to daycare too, because I had never been told this before.
Fast forward three hours and I receive a phone message stating the gurlz can't be at daycare if I am at home. Period. Upon further clarification - surgery or deathly ill would be acceptable reasons to send to daycare. Great. So when I'm just sick to the point of hardly being able to stand up (not today's situation but) I can care for my gurlz - FACS should have a heydey with that one. I'm not a bad mother ma'am/sir but I couldn't stand up myself so ...
Since I really can't afford to pay more for daycare than I already do, I raced out and picked up the gurls. No sleep for Mommy. My oldest is so tired that she is... well it rhymes with itchy. The little one had a great nap and is ready to wind down. Me, I can hardly see what I am typing. I confess that I did not sleep all morning while the gurlz were gone, I even did some computer stuff, but that was because, I was aiming for a nap - 11:30 to about 3:00. Not to late that wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.
I got some knitting done though, and talked with Jacque from This Kitten Knits . She has the sweetest knitting markers and introduced me to some beautiful yarn. However, as there is yarn all over the house and I have some coming in the mail, I will have to wait a few months before I can afford Shokay. The hat is coming along nicely, and maybe will be done this week-end.
Need to go find the quilt block stuff for Quilt and Lunch tomorrow, and also some 12 x 12 paper for that activity at work.
Then the gurlz to bed, hang up the laundry and off to bed Mommy. Think will take good strong allergy pill - the drowsy kind!

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