Sunday, April 29, 2007

TGI Sunday Night.

What a week-end. Haven't really stopped since Friday AM.

Was just chillaxing with Bailey's coffee when Mom arrived on Friday night. Thank goodness. The gurlz were driving me crazy. Had 6 rows to knit on my hat and then to figure out the ribbon (really needed to block it but never got around to it). Finished it at 10:30 pm and then decided not to block it cause had less than twenty foru hours. It's my new updated pic on 'about us'. woowee. The hat was fun to knit and I will make it again, but need to figure out a better way to keep the brim from rolling more.

What did we do this week-end? There was the Spring Fling dance at the big gurlz school on Friday night. Walked there from our house and had a great time. Those songs are still being played ladies, and I really can't dance to them now.

Of course I was still in the midst of clean up the living room and computer room terror cause some 9 chitlins and 9 or so adults were due up on Sunday. I was making slow headway.

Saturday morning was grocery shopping time and bought a cake instead of making one. When we came home, discovered that three were not coming (two little one big) so relaxed slightly. However, we still had to get the gurlz to their respective caregivers and drive some 100 plus km to the shower. We made it.
Here's a few pics. The theme was 'garden tea party' and a great time was had by all. Not sure if you can tell, but it was in this gorgeous log house with 15 inch thick logs set back in the country just a hill climb from the lake. wow!!
Some of the hats. One was completely covered with buttons and another with all sorts of accessories. A couple of ladies wore their wedding hats.

We were home by six (four hours of driving in there - not so nice). By 7:00 pm the living room was down to two boxes and ready for inhabiting. Cake was baked at 9:00 pm and all the giftbags were done up nice - NOTE TO PARTY PLANNERS: if you change your party from an all-gurlz party to more boyz than gurlz, you need to adapt the gift bag stuff. the boyz will not want the pretty purse jewellery boxes in pick with white clouds. I did manage to make up great bags for all.

BTW - it rained and rained and rained and rained on Saturday. Sunday was looking scary.

However- Sunday was sunny and bright and hot. Sunscreen, hats and cool clothes were required (dad still had three layers, however that is the way he is)

It was a fabulous day - for a number of reasons.

pics: centre top - four in the house; left - budding artists; centre bottom - okay everyone BLOW! adults are Aunt Krista, Me and Don. Kids are 4 nephews and niece and the gurlz
  1. Nothing really bad happened. The worst was the sunburn on Oma and the dirt on the clothes. And the oldest kidz of each family had a few MELTDOWNS

  2. I have a dryer - that not only works but has different heat settings and looks like it may be younger than me. I wish to make note that it was not a requirement of attending however, my oldest brother and his father in law fixed up this dryer for me and this was a day when there were a few people around to help out.
  3. Dad and middle bro lugging the old dryer.

  4. My washing machine is no longer hooked to the laundry tub sink - brand new taps and pipes. As stated under number 2, however since the boyz had the dryer out, i asked them to look at the washer and a group consultation, two trips to Canadian Tire and Don's house, i have new taps and pipes and things are beautiful! Thank you boyz

  5. My house is cleaner than on Friday night. But my fridge is full of food - anyone want to come for dinner?
  6. Although the little gurl looked ill when she got up, Oma stayed home from church with her and she looked like a different child when we got home. She did not slow down at all and yes, it was her clothes that required demudding. - however one of the big gurlz clothing may be irreparable.

  7. Oh and the shirt of little gurl that was almost ruined at her dad's looks good as new. I have not the patience to scrub and scrub, but I asked my mom and she fixed it up good.

  8. Finally - they are asleep and I am able to catch up on the news.

This week is nasty week as Monday and Wednesday are ballet and Thursday I am in Mississauga for training and I have a number of projects at work to wind up. Please get healthy gurlz.

And now for some pictures of a diva in the making!

Soaking the tired and dirty feet, very carefully. The little gurl got in on the action too, but the camera had been put away. Isn't she beautiful?


Marti said...

Cute pics - looks like everyone had a great time!

gurlygurl said...

Really wished I could have been there. I am sad now sounds like you all had a fab time.