Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots of info

That's about it folks. Busy day. Tired me. Yarn in the mail, maybe some prOn later this week. Feeling a little sick as think one order may have gone astray and it was lovely pink and cream and almost black. Hoping that it has not gone walking somewhere.
Regarding the hat I completed, just wish to say, that i love the pattern and will definitely try it again with a better yarn - closer to what they call for. Really do not like the continual roll of the brim. love the feel of the yarn though. No sweating in that hat.
The dryer of the previous post is no longer at the curb. Love that about city living. Leave something not good to you out and someones liable to take it. They better not have my yarn.
Paid a couple of bills today. Received a reduced bill in the mail, so things are looking up.
It was ballet night, and then cake and presents at Grandma's. Someone wasn't there and he is on the negative list. We'll see if he makes the recital.
I LOVE GRANDMA'S!!! Today, I called the dance supply store where I was told to go for the 'ballet pink tights' for the recital. They are open until 5:00pm. At 5:00 pm I am driving home from work. Not good. Called Grandma and she went over and picked them up at lunch. Thank you so much!!!!!
Want to start knitting a pair of socks (I swear, that's all I'm buying is sock yarn). Afraid to. HELP!!!!! I have never knit a full size pair of socks (baby bootees and socks yes - even barbie socks) So afraid that will not want to finish the second. Really want to try the two round needle thing, but bought the size 2.5 mm for the finer yarns (opal, regia, clown). The yarns I want to begin with need 3-4 mm needles. Not wanting to go buy more. I am going to see if I by chance have two the same - there are three needles that look pretty close. Then I will take the Knitty toe-up formula for any size and try from there. Or will just do one at a time on dpn. Or will dither away at it until I am too tired too think. ARRRGGGHH
am going to bed tired already. Look how long my post got. too many thoughts not enough computer space!!!
hope you all got your taxes in today (Canada eh)

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