Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FO, SAM4, SP, SC, SnP, VaKay, WIP

So them are a lot of weird short forms.
Some you may know and some, well I am a little spun.

My FO - Picot edged vanilla socks in Marks & Katten #1907.
These were knit on 2.5 mm over 64 sts. If I make a pair for myself in this yarn I need to use 2.0 mm over 60 sts - they are a loose fit for me. Thankfully Mel has bigger feet than me and she just loved the one she tried on Friday! These were my August socks for SAM4.

SP - I am doing Secret Pal 11 and have been matched. This is going to be such fun. I can't wait to spoil my pal. And maybe get a little bit spoiled myself.

SC - Sock Clubs. Very dangerous stuff. There is the booty club - with lovely Rum Runner yarn for July. Then in September, I have the lucky lurker club coming my way. And I accidentally signed up for another club today from Robyn's Nest. These cotton pickin items just fall into my cart and oops bought another.

SnP - Tomorrow it is off to Toronto to see the Blue Jays play the Angels. Trying to figure which project is the least hazardous, but the most portable.

VaKay - Today was my last day or work until Monday. Also some vacation time from the big gurl and the little gurl goes tomorrow for sleep at dad's while I am gallivanting in Toronto. May not come home until Thursday. Friday we shop at Ikea (and the big gurl comes home). Maybe just some mommy time.
WIP - My skinny duet sock yarn in Cowgirl. This is round three - these also did not work as Monkeys (cause I want to start toe up). This is the pattern I created for the first try but I have changed the plain rows a little to space it out. We will see. If this one is frogged then I do not know if these socks will ever be. I am trying to decide on yarn for a pair for Mom. I have a very similar colour in yarntini, but I am thinking colours more along the lines of the Marks & Katten. Who knows. There is an Opal in the stash - so that may be the next choice. (Regia Cotton already started and frogged and so was the Colinnette. I know why some people don't knit for others!!!

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gurlygurl said...

Teehee...those are my socks!!! I am the luckiest girls inthe whole wide world....I have a friend who loves me and makes me socks...

How was the pitch and knit and drink??