Friday, August 10, 2007


It's Friday. That great last day of the work week (for the majority of the population). I went into work for 8:30 am - walked in with some yummy eye candy, but still haven't figured out if he's just flirting or hitting on me. I never could tell. At break/lunch I ran down to the LYS that is closing for a circular needle for the Squatty #2. Came back with the circ, Manos Del Uruguay Malabrigo in lovely purple, and the last four skeins of baby alpaca in pale pink/purple - 2 of each. yum!
Left work early because the big gurl was doing School Age Idol for daycare. It was... cute but scary. 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds gyrating like the rock stars. To quote the big gurl - I have sparklies on because that's what rock stars do. Worth leaving work early for, but still disturbing - slow down my big gurl, you don't want to grow up too fast!!!
We went to Mel's for dinner and Kris joined us. It was fun, a little wine, some pizza - Mango Chicken mmmmmmmm, and some Treatza Pizza - and the guy behind the counter - I could have taken him home with me. Very nice.

Can I rant a moment?
What is the matter with drivers today? This afternoon, I turned a corner and well, there was a dump truck in front of me, so I drove about 40 km per hour. I have this dislike of hitting trucks and my gurl was in the car and well, safety? The lady behind me honks on the horn (presumable because I am driving too slow) and follows on my tail. Almost wanted her to rear end me when I had to go from 40 km to 0 because of the red light that made the dump truck stop. She then proceeded to DRIVE BEHIND the same dump truck once we had a second lane. And she was in a hurry why???? did I accidentally get between her and the love of her life? I don't know, but if the big gurl hadn't been in the car, I may have succumbed to road rage.
Then, lets talk about people who don't know the rules of the road. On the way to dinner tonight, I was detoured through a construction zone (Dairy Queen was halfway in between). I pulled up to the red flashing stop lights, stopped, waited 3 seconds and my turn ... and was forced to wait while 3 different drivers drove straight through the light without stopping. Now, to give them credit, I craned my neck to verify that all the lights were flashing RED and they did not have an orange flasher. They were definitely all red. Thank you the gentleman who, before my horn honked (split second) stopped and allowed me to take my belated turn. As I stated to my friends. A cop could make a killing at that light - enough to buy his own Tim Horton's franchise. I admit that I am not a perfect driver, but these people did not even see the lights.
Rant completed.
I am going to bed now, as am almost to toe of socks and this is not a good time of night to knit them. Ragan has beat me by finishing hers first, but I still have to work and she has a little time before school starts again. Of a positive note, Mel tried the finished one on and it fit her perfectly. I think that is all the inspiration I need to finish them now!!!
Have a great week-end. I am off to drop the big gurl at Oma and Opa's for a whole week. Wednesday is stitch n pitch AND the Yarn Harlot is going!!! Wow!!
I'm just hoping poor Kris will be able to handle all the fibrey/yarny goodness, being a non-knitter and all that.


Batty said...

Sparklies are OK in my book. Low rise jeans, tummy-revealing gear and high heels for little girls are not. Gyrating falls in that category too. There was an article in the Boston Globe last year about how the media and advertising industry are sexualizing children. It creeps me out in no end because the author told a story about this 6 year old she was babysitting. The girl was watching commercials and said she wanted a certain pair of jeans because they look sexy! I know she probably didn't mean what sexy is,but it's still creepy.

gurlygurl said...

Love the new blog look you have adapted. Took me a little to realize it was different. Thank you for coming over Friday. Was a much needed stress buster.