Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funny Gurlz

On Friday, I was pleasantly knitting and trying to escape the heat, when the phone rang. A friend had invited us for dinner previously but I had forgotten and thus not gone. Since the gurlz were still up and there were other gurlz there, we went. A great time was had by all. Take a peek at these future stars in action.

Or not. I have no clue how to put a video on here and am not into downloading vids of my gurlz to Youtube or google. So they will remain unpublished. They are so beautiful. Here is a pic of them with one of their new friends. There is a fourth gurl who is all of 2 weeks older than my little gurl. The dark haired beauty is a year younger than my big gurl. But size and age doesn't matter! I met the mom when we were both only a little over 4 months pregnant. Hadn't seen her since then.

Back to knitting on the hell socks. I am not liking them - even though I love them. Must complete one of the pairs so I can cast on something else!!!

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Ragan said...

They are darling!!!