Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too Much Fun

If you don't want to read the rant please skip down to the
Let me just say that there is such a thing - when you have to take care of a 22 month old after the fun has settled. Her father has a struck out once again. I believe I'm winning the game. When I dropped her off yesterday, he was a little quiet/grumpy. I put it down to the fact that he was on nights and at 9:55 am he would have only had about 6 or so hours - child naps however so he was bound to get a couple hours later on. But I have rethought it - I was perky and very happy and looking very fine - I made an extra effort as once the little gurl was dropped off, I wasn't going to get spit/spilled/walked on by a child. Made a point of telling him I wasn't sure when I would be conscious the next day as wasn't entirely sure would make it home that night. Dumb move on my part - should have said - I'll pick her up at 1:00 pm or something. Obviously I am not allowed to go out and have fun if he isn't there.
For all the Mom's out there who like just a little vacation - I got exactly 24 hours without a child. No more.
He called a little after 9:00 am this morning and it was quite obvious from his tone of voice that he
1) didn't think I should still be sleeping,
2) had things to do and didn't want her with him anymore, and
3) really really felt put upon and it was time for her to come home.
I threw him a couple of balls (sorry for the baseball humour)
1) I'm just waking up cause I didn't get to bed until 4:00 am, (swung at that one)
2) I need coffee and then it will likely be close to noon before I get there (he fouled off that one with - I can bring her home),
3) Is she okay - not well? that one went right by him.
Regardless, by the time I got upstairs, I felt that driving anywhere was too much for the day, and there was laundry and I can go those places tomorrow, so I called and suggested he bring her home when he was ready - (knowing that I had a half hour at the most)
She was home at 10:00 am.
He had car problems and is not a happy guy as he has to move to a cheaper place and....
BLAGH BLAGH BLAGH - I will not take you back ever cause you just don't get it!

Stitch n Pitch and a Day/Night in Toronto
I had heaps of fun yesterday - sight shopping - didn't actually buy anything except food and drinks.. relaxing GO train ride with knitting involved and great conversation - Thanks KRIS! Delicious lunch at FRAN's across from Massey Music Hall - lovely vegetable quesadilla and twisted Bellinis. Lots of walking.
Getting the tickets at the stadium was just wonderful - I was at the window before i realized the confirmation email said Gate 9, not Gate 2 (or 1 as I thought I was at). So we walked halfway around the dome to get to gate - To be told that all the tickets were at GATE 1. I suggested (sweetly) that perhaps they should advise Gate 2 of this detail as the lady behind me in line had been behind me at Gate 2.
We went into Hard Rock Cafe for some more drinks (it was now 5:00 pm and lunch was done at 3:30 pm. Appletini's were my choice and some pleasant conversation with a lovely couple and their daughter and a guy who thought a little too much about himself (and pissed off the bartender). Then it was off to pick up our bags of loot - not bad some nice blue yarns and a pattern book with a couple I may try (pays to be able to pick from the bag of someone who doesn't care). I knitted happily through the game (duet socks and socks that are not for Mom - so not her colours) and some seat switching cause was in the wrong spot. The Yarn Harlot was there with her family as were some 500 other stitchers. She has pictures here - I can just see myself in the 2nd last picture - top left hand corner - beside the green lady.
The Blue Jays won - and it was all done by 10:00 pm.
We went to the Boiler House (the big gurl's father is Head Chef there). I had tried all day to get him on the phone and decided to just go and see. Thank you very much Eric, Verna? and Jarrod? for a wonderful dining experience. What a place, so peaceful after the pleasures of Yonge, Front and Bay streets. I definitely recommend it for something a little different in the hear of Toronto!!
We had to tip Jarrod for his service and that was it (pays to know the head chef). He also drove us to the Go Station so we could catch the last bus out of town.
I have not consumed that much alcohol in less than 12 hours in a very long time. (pre little gurl is my guess). Yet the after effects don't hit until much later. Do others have this talent - when you are done drinking, coffee sobers you up, and the next day all hell breaks loose? My stomach is still churning a little. I have drunk so much water and slept it off, but that day after drinking is hell. I think the problem is that I didn't throw up - if I recall college days with Kris, you threw up before going to sleep. I didn't feel the pain then - just really tired. Even avoided adding beer into the mix - could not resist the red wine with dinner as it was quality.
Am off to bed with tylenol and another litre of water.
By the way I have startitis in knitting as I have two socks on the needles, what looks like fingerless mitts (cuff too tight for foot and really love the feel of the yarn) a monster hat and of course all the other WIPs.


gurlygurl said...

M should take little red for a whole week to know what it feels. What a jerk. It's not like you ask him to take her overnight often. Men have no clue what we mother's go through. Especially single mom's. I would like to see him pregnant for 9 months and give birth. And how is it your problem or little baby red that he bought a place he cannot afford and that his car broke down. He wants to have sex then he needs to pay the price. If not he should have worn a freaking condom. Those things really do exist!! It's just not always up the to women to think of those things.

Does that sound supportive!! :-)

Sorry to hear he was like that. I would have taken the little one overnight if you had asked. I know I had to work but we could have worked something out. Muah

Ok and why do I have to word verify when I leave you a comment. Hello I can barely make out the letter and have to try like 4 time. Where the hell is the wine when I need to see straight!!

gurlygurl said...

Hey how come I am not one of your favourite bloggers :-(