Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some stuff about ... well stuff?

Yesterday was back to normal day - both gurlz to daycare and me to work. Seemed normal enough with the yelling at them to get their shoes and coats and to hurry on and not mouth back and... Well we came home, had dinner and then chatted and couch snuggled and went to bed. I went to bed an hour after they did and did not get up (except for the 9:30 pm phone call which tried to get and did not succeed) until 6:00 am. We were all off this morning - big gurl and I with upset tummies and the little one just well her. (she didn't want anything to do with her Daddy who *dropped* in on his way to work - he was also the 9:30 call) tee hee Wanted to stay home so bad today - allergy season and really upset tummy. But the big gurl wanted to go and well, when they are ornery like that, it is better for me to go to work and make someone else's day miserable. Nothing too eventful - just figuring out the correct way to ding someone for taxes - all in a days work. tee hee.
I've been working on the new socks for Mom and I don't think this one is going to work either. It knits up like a dream, in Needful Yarns, Australian Merinos - there weekender socks. I am almost to the toe on the first (little afraid will run out of yarn) and tried it on to ensure cuff worked (hurray) but they just aren't all that much fun. The yarn is gorgeous to work with and quick as I am doing it on 3.0 mm. Nice cushy knit. Pics will have to come later.
I fell off the purchasing wagon. What do I mean? Well did I post about my Saturday purchases? I'm just going to go check and then will get back to you.
No I did not. Saturday we headed to the LYS that is closing, because a) it is the closest and had the needles I want (when I was in there last) and b) well when things range in price from 40 to 60% off, you try their first. They did not have the 2.75 mm in the short Brittany needles, but did have a 3.0 mm. Smallest needle in the store. Decided to try it as the $$ for gas to the other stores and stress with 2 children... also don't have 3.0 mm dpn.
Bought a delightful accessories book for Louisa Harding yarns. Only one skein of the yarn, but needed to see if there was any at home already (oh dear none whatsoever - whatever will I do) tee hee. There were some items for my SP - I love the fact that I can get more for less - means I can send more!!! I am going back on Thursday for a couple of items that somehow did not make their way home with me.
I knit quite seriously on my fingerless mitt - it is just at the point for the thumb and am plotting how to do it - to ensure maximum pattern similarity (anal retentiveness makes me want things the same way - I am not alone - the Yarn harlot frogged some items for this very issue) plus, Mom's socks are kind of a priority. Have not had the energy to go chasing my missing capris - they were work out ones and since the last work out I had was touring Toronto... who needs them. Seriously they went in the backyard of the slightly scary neighbour and have not had the nerve to go there.
What else did I buy - well yesterday, back at work day, no nap day. It was 2:15 pm and I rubbed my tired allergic eyes and just rested my eyes for a moment - it was only a moment as I almost crashed my head into the computer screen. Knitting had not accompanied me to work (see not my fault at all) and therefore a walk in the October air with the rain sprinkling down was in order. The fact that said walk ended at the magazine shop had absolutely nothing to do with my raging need/desire for Interweave Knits fall edition. I had resisted it already about 5 times, and I paged through many others in an effort to satisfy my creative juices and not buy anything. However I left with 2 magazines. The aforementioned IK fall edition (I blame my fellow bloggers, SP, and Sandi Wiseheart of Knitting Daily for forcing my hand on this affair) and another magazine previously only perused at the library - A Needle Pulling Thread. Don't get me wrong - I love Knitting and crochet magazines, but I miss the mixed media craft magazines - knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, quilting etc that I grew up with. At 12 years of age I would peruse the McCalls Needlecraft, Women's???, Better Homes & Gardens, and other magazines that included some of a multitude of crafts. This magazine met the need. However the IK was all I managed to get read last night before passing out on my bed. The other magazine will be my Wednesday night reading? I'm not sure. I know it is already too late to get into it. The big gurl was a little whiny and tired after dinner so I suggested she go downstairs (the wording ran along the lines of if you're going to whine, get out of my face I'm still eating and ....) . She did and when at 7:00 pm I carried my sleeping little gurl down, she was unconscious. Is there something in the water?!?!?! Seriously, I am keeping an eye on them, as this is slightly unusual.
I'm not sure. I was not as tired this evening as previously, but then I slept for (just a minute while I figure this one out) 9 hours - pretty much consecutively. Little to no interruptions.
I know the cooler weather is knocking us all out, but tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer so hopefully it will liven up my gurlz.
It was a funny thought this evening at 7:15 pm - many people ask why I don't do more in the evenings or what I do for fun - well when your small children are in bed before the sun goes down, you are happy that you can communicate online with other people that understand. As a single Mom, my choices are a little more limited when they go to bed that early, but there aren't many other two parent homes that would be much better off - someone has to stay home. Thank goodness I decided to give blogging a try.
That's it that's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

fall ik is a nice issue, isn't it? which louisa harding accessory book did you get? just thinking 'bout packages here...

SP11 spoiler : )