Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogger and the whole watching your spending thing

So this is my second try at this post - last nights was deleted by blogger.
I am going to watch how I spend my money for a while - literally.
I spent NOTHING on Saturday or Sunday.
Monday - there was allergy meds, cooking vanilla and some party mix - $25 or 26 but only $1.50 which was slightly unnecessary (it did keep me from going for fast food - PMS)
Tuesday - $20 at market for fresh fruits, veggies and a bag of dried cherries. $20 for babysitter (in advance for a couple knit nights) and $10 for drink (alcohol) and snack (chocolate peanut butter bar) at knit night. Oh and $35 at Wal-mart for milk, cereal, pjs for little gurl and black camisole for me.
Of the above I feel that it all was necessary - I needed to get out without the gurls and really wanted to go to knit night and Susan's daughter watched mine...
Why watch the money thing - need to fix 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. And a shed, the front porch and the front step.
Need a ladder so I can clean the eaves (and do other things).
I have a feeling the ladder will be the first. The Dishwasher is a pipe dream because i will talk myself out of it.
I know myself.
What are you saving for?


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I don't know what I'd do without my dishwasher! Seriously!

Savings? What is savings? LOL

Nell said...

Currently saving for.... Hmmm.... more yarn?

Congrats on being so thrifty. I really stink at that!

Miss Me said...

savings? what are savings?

i'm currently trying to reduce debt load although mr. me told me tonight that he had seen a lawn tracter ($10K!!!) that he probably couldn't live without... truth? his life insurance is more than the price of the lawn tractor so if i had to choose... well... no choice!