Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Darn it.

i mean it.
I called the optometrist office today - they recommended i reduce my caffeine intake, get lots of sleep and eliminate stress. Huh.
We are not going to discuss the fact that the computer program I have to use to do my job kicked me out on 4 separate occasions today and made me wait more than 5 minutes on at least 4 other occasions, just to 'update' the legal representative I wanted - I COULD HAVE TYPED IT FASTER!!!!!!!!!!
What about the ceiling in your living room Sharon, are you going to discuss that - the 3 month old ceiling that was already the reason the renovations took 2 or 3 more weeks than they should have????? I think I may have mentioned the drywall screw popping and making a perfect circle. That is not my issue today.
No my issues are the 2-2 foot long wet strips running where I'm guessing the seams are. As you may know I have a tenant and tonight she was louder than normal - things falling etcetera...(which has been rather loud lately and interfering with my sleep recently and...see the above mentioned more sleep issue). So I phoned her just to check that everything was okay and she said they were just moving stuff around because her friend was picking up the aquarium and oh by the way, your ceiling isn't wet is it? I turn my head, confident that my new ceiling is definitely not wet. Oh it is. I took pictures but I just can't bear it. And of course since I was looking anyways, I also got a chance to see the crack in the ceiling - one of the most stressed parts - but SERIOUSLY IT has only been 3 MONTHS!!!!!!
So my stress factor has increased instead of decreased.
And all I can say is Darn it.

On the plus side I picked up some lovely yarn from The Plucky Knitter's etsy shop. I had notice the other day that she had Pumpkin Latte in Worsted weight - perfect to make a Koolhaas to match my scarf (and possible gloves) out of my fingering weight - previous post includes a pic.
And then I bought some other yarns of hers that I wanted. That really helped de-stress me earlier.
This afternoon - since the computer was driving my crazy anyways - I left work early to look at some clothes. I found 2 pairs of pants for the summer (office is freezing no matter what the temperature inside...) Cotton Ginny - so they will be cooler.

I am so .... blah right now - there is nothing I can do about my ceiling so there is no sense getting upset. But I kind of want to cry. And smash a ceiling. Good thing I don't keep much alcohol in the house. I think I will go see what else I can buy tonight....


Nell said...

Smash the ceiling if you want to! Sometimes that's the only way to get out your aggression!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Sorry to hear about the tenant issues. I remember those days... oh so clear! That's why I moved! LOL.

I've never tried Plucky Knitter yarn, I'm curious about it now. I'm going to go look it up on etsy.

Heather said...

Gurl...all that and NO caffiene!!!! Ugh you are a trooper. I reccomend alcohol in leiu of caffeine!:)

Half Assed said...

Why have you not called to tell us about the ceiling popping screws. I will let K know so he can go and fix. That should definitely not be happening and he guaranty's his work.