Monday, June 16, 2008

What Have I been up to?

So since Wednesday - I slept on the bed every night and finally on Sunday at noon, stopped moving the majority of the clothes around.
I did some stupid shopping - when you buy something you're not quite sure about and then can't take it back because it was from a person/yard sale and you have it and spent money on it and...
To punish myself, I am not permitted to buy more yarn. This will be aided by the fact that Robyn's Nest sock club is on vacation and I will try very very very hard not to rejoin the Lucky Lurker club (unless I design a fabulous pattern and win a free membership). The Tsock Flock is already paid for the year. That only leaves the Plucky Knitter Classics club and this one is up for debate- it is a subscription, so I won't even notice (ha ha) but my mail takes forever and ever and ever to arrive.
I destashed some yarn at WWKIP on Saturday. Friday night i bagged up some stuff that I will never use because
a) it is 100% cotton and I can't knit with it (I can with some)
b) I hate knitting with the funky bumpiness of it,
c) because it tangled so badly I never want to see it again
d) someone may have a use for it.
The badly tangled sock yarn went to a lovely knitter named Jennifer who was knitting a pair of gorgeous socks out of Value Village Recycled Sweater yarn. I couldn't help it - I hate that yarn because it tangled so badly on me - it was half pull balled and then there was the tangle. She was very appreciative. The majority went to Karen (bankerknits) on ravelry who knits for charity. I can't keep up with the projects for my own kids, someone else can use it for good.
I only came home with the two balls that were in our lovely grab bag - one will become a hat for big gurl and the other, will either turn into something very Christmasy or just go into a new charity yarn bag.
I had fun - didn't arrive at Rose's until 1:00 pm but then stayed until almost 3:30 so all was great.
Sunday was Father's Day and after some hemming and hawing, we were there by a little after 2:00. And then promptly went shopping for baby bottles for little Tymon, cause my bro and SIL brought everything except the bottle (liners even). The package was on sale at Shopper's so all was well. I got some baby time, knitting time and all around good family time. The gurls loved it - they were in their bathing suits within 10 minutes of getting to the house and just played all day (the mosquitoes loved it too).
It has rained everyday and night since I was last on - not straight mind you, but lots of rain. That's not a problem in itself except that the wind is there along with the occasional hail and of course thunder and lightning. Generally don't mind, but when you are woken from an awesome sleep to crazy storm (thankful we sleep in basement) which has the chimney leaking water right onto the hot water heater pipe (think tin and big steady drops) you are still tired.
This week is Public Service week - today was bbq and awards. Tomorrow is give blood day - better go drink a litre or two of water for hydration. It's a nice appreciation time.
Big gurl had her dentist appointment today - no cavities but one loose tooth that is a little stuck - behind the new tooth - some major wiggling going on or it will be 'dentist removal'. She is a wimp - crying about it already even though we have a week. She is a wimp about anything like that.
Little gurl on the other hand - loved her first tooth counting today. Yesterday, just before we left my parents, I changed her diaper and noticed something on her foot. It was in her foot - thorn or something, so Opa came to check it out. Imagine an 1/8th of an inch to a 1/4 inch long pointed thing stuck in foot - created a groove even. The child didn't even freak out. And then we found two more - she cried at the third because it was actually point in. Big gurl ran away at the sight. Kids can be so different.
My daily funny (at the expense of big gurl's head).
They have 2 'magic princess wands'. One will make music if you wave it around the room (but doesn't actually do the dishes or anything darn it). So big gurl shows little gurl how to do it and little one gets into.
I say - careful gurls, move away from each other so no one gets hit in the head.
I don't think it was 5 seconds - clunk, and tears. Big gurl has a lovely bruise on her forehead.
ahh, the power of a mom - just by saying it we make it happen.
Off to finish the 3rd pattern repeat in my scarf, before bed.

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Nell said...

It is really funny how different kids can be. My sisters and I are very distinct even though we had the same upbringing. Nature vs Nurture, right?