Saturday, June 21, 2008

I was strong...

...I cancelled my Plucky Classics and resisted the Yarn Pirate Booty Club signup. Hated doing it, however, the following arrived from Sarah this past week...

My Plucky Classics Miss Marianne Dashwood in BFL Superwash - fingering weight, 400yds.

My Pumpkin Latte to match my scarf - DK/Worsted 190 yards

All the available chunky weight she 110 yard each

Sensibility (3)

Fickle (2)

I am due my Scout's Swag next week - confirmation of shipping email received and #2 of the Tsock Flock Club will ship Monday. Maybe tomorrow I will try to finish rnd #1.

I think I was supposed to finish Guinevere this month too.... and my scarf is getting there, some frogging as I knit going on as plan A didn't work and on to plan B.

So no yarn bought this week. HURRAY.


Nell said...

Good for you for being strong!

peaknits said...

oh my, I cancelled my Plucky too - it was a toughie. Thank you for the offer to borrow your Scarfstyle - you know, I think I may have borrowed it to someone, and instead of ripping my house apart anymore - I ordered another one:) I just have to have that book, it's a keeper. And if I find mine, then I have a gift. But thank you!!