Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have no pictures of the lovely time in the sun at the park with friends today and some of the cousins on the weekend. I just don't remember.
But it was a lovely weekend at my parents - a little chilly but nice. Today was yard and housework time, but that's okay - I was basically tapped out by noon and then we went to a friends and the aforementioned park.
What does Canada mean to me?
It's my home. I think I might enjoy living for a time in other countries (Holland or US being the only two visited) but this is where I was born and have lived my life to date. Biggest advantage to date - our money is coloured so I can figure out what the bill is without actually trying to read the number.
Stephanie and Katie both have some things that I heartily agree with too.
On the knitting side of life - my grasshopper scarf is done. I love it, so soft and cozy (when I say done - in this case the only thing not done is blocking - I even wove in all the ends)
Pictures will arrive eventually.
Monica is seamed (I'll wait while you pick yourself off the ground). At knit night on last Tuesday I was advised to steam block it before seaming. Excellent suggestion and this was done - just like that - on Sunday afternoon at my Mom's while she fixed some clothing. Seriously, just like that. Big gurl tried it on and loves it (mom too) and I just need to knit the straps and sew a couple embellishments on. I am super excited. Of course, I need to find the second skein of yarn as I used the leftover yarn to make crowns. Oh well.
My Moeibus ring is moving up in the world - another couple inches done - I'm going to knit (likely) until the end of the ball or 12 inches more, and then see where I am at - it is long enough to go up and over my head, but then the back of my neck will be bare....
I also used up a ball of stash yarn - Pronto, by Berocco (Gold) a bulky weight cotton/acrylic blend - HELL on the fingers after knitting with wool. I knit 75% of Couvercle for little gurl - but need to either chose another stash yarn as contrast or somehow find another ball (contrast still) to finish the last 4 rounds of the hat and then the trim and brim. Anyone? (I know when did I cast on this hat and why when there are so many things waiting to be finished...super quick knit)
No new yarn bought and currently nothing new started, however the scarf requires a hat and mitts - fingerless I think. There are 28 grams of the fingering weight left - I'm hoping it will be enough for my little hands.
Must go to sleep, cannot cast on anything else tonight....


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Half Assed said...

Glad you had a good Canada's day!! Too bad we could not get together. Hope Big little Red had fun at her party. We ended up going for a hike at Decew Falls. It was really nice.

Batty said...

Hapy Late Canada Day! Glad it was a good one!