Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stupid Cleaning

Not that I don't respect what cleaning can do for one and all that.

I mean that I am going about it stupidly.

I will take a couple pics and get back to you.

Okay here goes:

This first picture is of the room that used to be my bedroom. Yarn stash is in various locations in this room yet. Let's estimate that 1/3rd of the gurlz toys have made their way to this room. This will be the playroom/TV room (if I have my way). My organizing side is sorting said toys into their respective bins. The wire basket system in the corner used to house the smaller items of my wardrobe (please note its emptiness for the pictures below). This room is not in too bad shape considering there was a big bed in here.

This room is my living room - in the corner you can see the door frame for the above room. Here lies approximately another 1/3 of the gurlz (monsterz) toys. And their chairs, big gurlz desk, dress up box and my couch and ....

This is my bedroom. Everything that was in that wire basket system and in the closet is either on the bed or in baskets on the floor. Half of my knitting/crochet stuff has made it's way down (only a minute portion of the stash has made it's way down). However since this was the toy/craft room, my dresser was changed to the storage place for winter hats and gloves and the grow into yet clothes for the gurlz. Only the hats/gloves have left yet. Arggh. There is also the table that accompanies the gurlz chairs and at least one bucket full of toys in this room - maybe 1/16th of the total toys. (the remainder are still in their bedroom - THEY HAVE TO MANY TOYS!!!!!!)

This photo is of the crafting corner that has been sadly piled of late.

I'm trying to decide if I brave the room or just sleep on the couch tonight. Decisions, decisions.

Of course, if I had cleaned wisely - move everything out of the dresser so that the socks could go in immediately (hamper on the floor) and the ..... I'll get it done one of these days.

Only bills in the mail today - oh where has my yarny mail gone too?


Nell said...

Girl, where do you sleep!?!??!?!?! ;)

Heather said...

okay so I believe girls have HUGe toys! We have the barbie house and a Barbie motorhome(I finally took upsatirs, a kid desk, make up play and an art thingy to name a few UGH! I get so tired looking at them! They invade everywhere! I share your pain

Miss Me said...

hey - looks just like home!

Batty said...

DH and I are decluttering. After years and years of stuff all over the house, we're thoroughly sick of it. We also decided that having someone come in every 2 weeks and clean the place is worth the expense. I hate cleaning.