Monday, June 9, 2008

It wasn't just the Caffeine

My allergies are the major cause of my twitchiness. (lack of sex has been known to cause this also, but I don't believe the eye twitches).
So I am half-caf ing my coffee. Worked today. And working on the stress management/sleeping more issues. No I didn't drug the little one so she sleeps longer. It's a thought though...
My awesome parents came over on Sunday and helped around the house.
Short list:
1. The second clothes line so I can actually dry my regular weekly laundry.
2. Vinyl tablecloth on old table on porch - and stabilized a little
3. The billion maple tree keys all over everything.
4. The dead shed - cleaned out and measure up for work this coming weekend (if the weather permits)
5. Bed in the basement room - less noise from tenant (who I have forgiven for the ceiling issue and am not quite so stressed with - cause she hasn't been sleeping here lately and took a trunk full of rocks -from my front lawn - away)
6. Trim on one wall in basement bedroom and the panel covering the stupid water meter/shut off has been trimmed to fit properly. Thinking of using some of the vinyl to make a pretty cover...
7. Two lovely planters with tomato plants and herbs - guess what they are honey, but that's okay.
8. Dad mowed the lawn and since my reel mower was acting up, fixed that too.
9. Smoke detector installed.
10. curtain of sorts over gurls doorway (never was a door - more figuring required but it is a start)
11. Window AC installed
12. The nightmare 'collect all' desk cleared off and organized.
13. The last of the stupid tupperware dishes cleaned up - here I am trying to save the environment, but the stupid things need to be washed...
...and they didn't say anything about the excessive amount of yarn in my non-room and not much about the huge number of toys owned by the gurlz.
It is stinking hot here. I can say that cause I love spring and fall and don't complain much if it rains alot and really the only time I complain about the cold is when I can't get the house warm or am sick...
Anyone know the secret to making a 2 year 8 month year old behave, or just mind her mother occasionally?
Oh and getting a 7 years, 1 month year old to get out of bed and speed through the morning necessities..?
I want mail. It would cheer me immensely right now. Could someone send me some mail?
I knitted a few more rows of the scarf. Really need to clean the bedroom/craft room back up so I can move the stuff from upstairs downstairs - maybe even put some clothes in my bedroom.
I think I will go to sleep now.
There is always tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Good night! You have been busy!!!

Nell said...

Look at all the things you've gotten done. That's great!