Sunday, February 3, 2008

Patience.... way overrated. It gets you nowhere. I have recieved the destash Malabrigo, but the others are still MIA.
My house is... well no further than on Thursday, and unfortunately (sorry Keith) the progress of the whole week was not really seen (only empty boxes of mud and cracks and screws covered). Not really extreme makeover speed. I'm not criticizing his work, it is precise and I know will be near perfect. It's just, we have been living in our bedrooms for 2 weeks now. Occasional extra time spent in the kitchen, but when you are upset with your 6 3/4 year old, sending her to her room doesn't have much bearing when that is the only place she can go - the landing halfway down was a timeout location, but doesn't work well when you need to get by.

I did work on organizing things in my bedroom/craftroom. I know where the majority of what I wanted to find is, and actually found what I was looking for - the camera, small skein of black angora for Hot Cocoa Buddy, other items for Hot Cocoa buddy, and all the skeins of yarn I thought I had (and a dozen or so more that I had conveniently forgotten).

I have some FO's to show too. One that was finished for SAM4 in December, but never made it to the post - it was my last FO of 2007. And the other - underneath the socks, was my Friday/Saturday project cause I needed a quick knit - I love my stoles and socks in progress, but they just don't give that instant gratification with long lasting results.
I'm pretty impressed with both. (long pause as I get the camera, hook it up and upload the picture to Flickr, then reload one of the pictures as I deleted it) I'm listening to Josh Groban right now, think of that as I go get the pics...

The socks are 'Toddler socks' from 2007 knitting calendar, in Skinny Duets, Cowgirl. Little gurl loves them. The washcloth is knit in SRK Cool spun cotton (from my SP11 spoiler). The stitch is called 'Textured Diamonds' and is from Simply Knitting' s December issue. (the ends have since been woven in) A 3rd FO is not pictured as it is for my Hot Cocoa Swap partner and I want her to see it first.

And the second picture, I owe Crystal an apology as this was my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap "MAIN" package. I posted previously about the gorgeous mug and coffee I received from her. Due to being ill, she couldn't get everything to me in one swoop, so she sent this when she could. There were two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash in a lovely green (finding them on Friday night reminded me to do this post); more coffee - lovely stuff had some this morning; chocolate dipped apricots; 2 chocolate santas (one didn't make the photo shoot); candy tree; adorabel snowface/flake ornament; a mermaid book for big gurl; and I think it was 'The Mitten' board book for the little gurl. Everything was greatly appreciated and the chocolate apricots were, well hoarded by me.


peaknits said...

What a lovely package! And the socks are adorable!

Sorry your house is moving at a slow pace, it's hard to practice patience when this are in disarray... I wanted to repond to your comment on my blog too - it's hard to think of the kids first, hard when you feel unapprreciated...ugh. Love my kids but somedays - fish would have been so much easier:)

Monika said...

That's a lovely swap package! I would love to get my hands on the apricots!!! :o)

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Hurray for finding the camera. It can be a bright spot in an otherwise not so bright feeling situation!!! Nice socks and package.