Tuesday, February 19, 2008


FO - my hat is done!!!
Here it is - please ignore the person in the photo, the gurlz were asleep and unavailable for modeling.
Koolhaas, from IK Holiday Knits 2007
Malabrigo Worsted in ... purple - just over half the skein.
It fits me, Mom, and both the gurlz. I am thinking of trying it with a slightly thicker yarn and a needle size up. Or adding the additional 8 rows for the mens size. We will see.
I LOVE THIS PATTERN. It took me from Tuesday night until Saturday - when I wove in the ends. Would have been less, but I cabled wrong in two spots.
Denise of Nanaknits is the winner (cause she got it right away). Now I get to send her some yarn and other special stuff.

My Hot Cocoa Swap package arrived. My little buddy too - a fortune kitty, sporting cute medallions that match my new stitch markers.

There was Hot Cocoa - organic with no dairy included. Am thinking tomorrow night to drink some of that. 2 dark chocolate cadbury bars - one with nuts and one fruit and nuts. Only one is left. Dark Cadbury eggs - I may share with the gurlz, we will see. Marisol yarn - Miske, 100% baby Llama. This stuff is super soft and love the blue green colour. Stitch markers - beside the can of Cocoa - lovely cloisinne with a medallion or symbol on them. And of course the Blah Buster Buddy - a purple kittly with a sweet bright fish. Here is Madeline (named by big gurl) hanging out on the big table saw and surveying the renovation debris.

And here she is in my dirty front window, sitting on the super wide ledge. Around her neck there are two little medals (which likely mean something) and then there is her sweet little fish. Thank you Emily.

Have a great week.


Em said...

I'm so glad the package arrived safe & sound! You'd said you were in to blues & greens and chunkier yarn, so how could I not pick you up that super-soft llama?

As for the Fortune kitty, I live near Toronto's Chinatown, and cast on for her on Lunar New Year! The little medallions are coins, and hopefully will bring you prosperity and luck.

The dark chocolate was easy to find, but that cocoa took some tracking-down... it sounded so delicious I may just have to go back and buy some for myself!

I hope you and your gurlz found it scrumptious, and that all your winter blahs have been busted!!

nanaknits said...

Who wouldn't want to knit the Koolhaus such a fun pattern and pretty too, yours turned out gorgeous.

peaknits said...

Great package - even better Koolhaas - have yet to meet a Koolhaas I didn't like:) Gorgeous color!!

Crystal said...

Love the hat and very jealous of the package.

Anonymous said...

Love you hat!!!

Sweet package you got! :D And what a lovely fortune kitty! :D I bet your girls loved it! kiss*

Heather said...

I LOVE THE HAT!!!!!!! I love making hats!!!! I am definetly going to try this one!
Have a great weekend we got snow 2 whole inches here in MD! A lot for us.

Batty said...

I love the hat! And Madeline is really cute. The package... I think I'm running downstairs and getting myself some chocolate for breakfast, hot and otherwise.