Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Monday - hey ho

Yep - it's a cold blustery Monday. Work, was well work and I remembered to pick up 96 Valentine's cards for the gurlz to send to their school and daycare mates. Fun Wow.

Yesterday, we visited Grandma and while there I started Block 2 for my Lizard Ridge. It's done now. I have another skein of Silk Garden and then I figure with the leftovers from the skeins, I can make a fourth. Wow - that's like 1/6 of the necessary blocks. Kind of seems possible.

On the sister's afghan front - I had a 12 inch square last night - and now I have a large pull ball again. First of all the rosewood dpn's are a dream to knit with and when they were too short, my addi turbo fit right in. I was winging it on the square and it turned out too busy - would have made a really cute hat, but sucked as an afghan block. So I did the fearless thing and ripped it to start again.

Really craving a sweet hat, that covers my ears. trying to figure out ways to fix my current handknit, without frogging and starting over. So far batting zero. Maybe I will go cast one on with ...

Renos update - I need to pick paint colours. I know they will be light shades, but that is it for the decision making process. I am thinking Blue Opal for the living room and a mocha or biscotti for the office. Hate making decisions. Need to try to get on my way early, so I can pick it up and get it to Keith. We'll see.

All my parcels, except the coffee swap prize have arrived. Makes me a happy gurl again. Too much yarn in this room though - Mom is going to freak when she sees it. Maybe I can hide it under my bed...
Does anyone know why blogger doesn't spell check anymore????


Knitting Mama said...

I am having issues with blogger spell check too!

Did you Jan sock kit finally arrive?? :) I'm hoping so!

Anonymous said...

I've been totally spoiled!! Thank you Sharon for being a great swap buddy! :D (I couldn't email you at your personal email, so please check the other one)

gurlygurl said...

TOO MUCH WOOL!!!!!!!!!! You have an addiction problem. I need to bring you to W.A. Wool anonymous. Do I need to have a intervention...... I could take those credit cards away. I sure could use them. Love you babe!!

Heather said...

My speel check is not working wither and I need it I tend to not type well and to try to type as fast as I think...Not good. Heres hoping the renos go quick!
I lve my little cables hat! If your loiooking for a quick knit.