Friday, February 8, 2008


ing under the stress and strain of renovations. Seriously. My work life right now is fabulous - nothing piled up excessively - I spent most of the last few days cleaning up filing and helping out my partner in non-resident taxation. He has a fun job in that anyone who comes to the Niagara Region to work (perform) and is a non-resident and doesn't want to pay us taxes (15%) has to apply to him for a waiver. He's seen paperwork on them all, and I got a chance to play with some of it and in fact make decisions. If only the granting of a waiver could be done with a free ticket exchange to some of my favourite artists - speaking of artists, I bought a new CD today. My Hot Cocoa Swap partner stated she really enjoys Feist and I heard this song from her the other day (1234). Since the Grammy's recently happened (I think) there was a compilation CD out, so I bought it. It has that song and a bunch I don't know and then a whole bunch I enjoy. That was fun. Even more fun though - I bought myself a new mattress set - FINALLY - bought one with my own hard earned money (err credit). ALL for MEEEEEE!!! And it was on for like 50+% off because it is the floor model and then she took another $50 off because there was a 'mark' on the cover - like I'm not going to put sheets on it???? Thank you so much Josie!!! It even comes with a bonus offer - which I am rethinking - I don't have an ipod so why get something with a docking station - I am going to ask for the sweet 'iron look headboard' or the top quality pillows instead. (I went to Sears, cause big gurl was complaining her snow pants were too tight and I did pick some up, but she doesn't want to try them on)
And then I went over to the new LYS in the area - I'm sorry Jack for messing this up, but I know it is at J&J's Florist and I think it was called Rose's fine yarns. (there is the yarn shoppe, a flower shoppe, antique shoppe, gift shoppe - thank goodness I was on time constraint, or I woulh have had to return the mattress set). Anywyas, I needed 5mm dpn and I have already checked Zellers, Walmart and Michaels - they don't have what I want. The lovely yarn store assistant was very helpful and we had picked some sweet bamboo ones and then we were debating the attributes of fine yarns (uhm Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon) and bam - right there - one set of 5 mm dpns in lovely Rosewood. I put the bamboo back - price difference was negligible (put me in a happy place - right up there with the lovely mattress set). I also picked up some lovely Noro Silk Garden - they had two different ones so I bought one of each for my Lizard Ridge. The colours of the Kureyon they had was just awesome and it was difficult not to buy some, but I haven't even knit with it yet. I also picked up a skein of Sprinkles by King Cole - but I just realized the coat that needs a scarf is pink, not purple. Well, I will make a doll blanket or something with it. lovely stuff. Then I get home...
Wait a minute - why am I cracking (or was)?
I called Keith on Thursday afternoon to get an idea of where he was with the primer and ceiling- and he informed me that the new ceiling was cracking - I mean SHIT (sorry) that's why we ripped everything down in the first place. We debated the need to do items and before I went to sleep it was determined that he would rip down the tape and mud and redo it with better stuff.
Then when I came home, I noticed our condensing bucket was off kilter and ... there was water under the neat stack/layering of various furniture pieces that don't have a home right now. So, I can't wash laundry, cause the washer is buried, can't fold laundry cause it is inaccessible, and there is furniture in my stairwell (not cause it is wet, but cause I couldn't handle the bedroom - previous post - and moved stuff around and out and...)
So I destressed with shopping, Keith and his dad worked on the ceiling (and cleaned up alot of the floor and dirt that was around) and now I am going to try to resist the siren call of the yarn - oh yes and my Malabrigo destash purchase from Aija of zer0 markers arrived with two lovely little stitch markers - they look like pearl earrrings!!
I could cast on for sister's blanket (who so carefully mailed me a cheque to help pay for the yarn, advised me when to deposit it and then promptly forgot that she wrote the cheque until she got an overdraft notice), for Lizard Ridge block 2, for a sweet washcloth, a baby blanket, knit the 2nd Cinderella, the SoTS i or ii...
No, I will go look at the destash site, my yahoo account and then go to bed.
I hope.
Happy Friday


Crystal said...

Ooooh! Where to start? I LOVE Fiest, and I am now singin that song in my head. Isn't it wonderful to get a new mattress set? I just got one two months ago, ashamed to say the ones I repleced were over 15 years old. Hope you went to sleep.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Oh boy, I hope that the mattress set helps you to sleep away the stresses of renovations. Hmm..the yarn could help too.