Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Change of plans

I did 5 rows of version 2 of Lizard Ridge. The Malabrigo knits up like a dream. I made a mistake on row 4 (the short row row) - after the second short row section and discovered the error at the end of the row when I had too many stitches left over. I cannot knit 24 rows of that pattern over 180+ stitches. The malabrigo is now frogged and awaiting pattern choice number 2. But I have not dpn in 5 mm. I have a great addi circ and some cute blue short 5 mm straights, but no dpn. Could have sworn I had some.
My Widdershins are also headed to the frog pond. I knit a row on them today, but am unsure if it was the cable row or not and well my increases for the gusset are all wrong and... bottom line - I am not happy with how it looks (they are two inches wide - unstretched as they lay there - I think that is also the problem. So they will be frogged.
Guinevere, is patiently waiting completion. SoTS ii is well hanging out at row 7 - i have to do it yet. And there is the scarf, moeibus ring and baby layette, plus two ompleted socks awaiitng their matched partner.
There were some questions about whether or not I will do a Lizard Ridge afghan. I'm pretty sure I will, however I don't think I have anymore Silk Garden. What do I mean not sure - well I think there might be another skein in my room, but, well, let me see if I can get a picture.
Underneath the pile of yarn are two bins, one of which is full of yarn. I could have sworn I had a couple of matched skeins of silk garden, but maybe those were the regular Noro. I can't recall. Regardles, I know I don't have 24 different skeins, so, if you have an odd skein of the silk garden kicking around please let me know and we could trade or something.
This is a picture of my bedroom from the doorway - the computer, the bed (covered with laundry) the living room chair the lamp... you get the picture. There is a safe path to walk provided you watch your feet.
Since I had the camera out, I also took a picture of our main floor living space - the accessible portion at this time. As you can see, there is a reason for the crazy personalities chez Gurlz.The top picture is from the top of the stairs, beside the plastic curtain to the renovated/destroyed rooms. The bottom is from the fridge to the other side. The stairs, lead to the dungeons we currently reside in except to eat and use the facilities.
Isn't my amaryllis lovely though??????


Knitting Mama said...

Too bad you sent them to the frog pond, I love the color!

Miss Me said...

your room looks very familiar... eerily so! just pick up a skein or two of the silk garden if and when you see it. that's what i did for my lizard rigde. and i wouldn't work about colour duplication - the colour changes make each block look very different.