Monday, February 4, 2008

Late, great, Oh well

I had to call my boss at 8:15 am to tell him I would likely not be in until about 9:30 am. We weren't even out of PJs at this point (however lunches were packed). After Friday's snow day, the 3 day weekend really knocks you out. Plus it could have something to do with the knitting that hit me last night.
I wanted to try out the Lizard Ridge pattern - just one block to see what I thought. I know why the designer finished it so quick. It is so addictive. I have a completed block - only a few ends left to weave in (the first time I switched yarns, they tangled so much that I couldn't do anything but cut) I then cut every section - although I am pleased to state, that the only pattern adjusting I did, was after a knot was removed - the colour change was completely off, so I took the end to the right spot and started the last 6 rows from there. LOVE this yarn - I used Noro -Silk Garden as this was a solo skein in my stash. Here is the completed block (long pause as photo is taken, uploaded to computer, flickr and blog)

The purple section at the top all the sudden had a knot with the blue - obviously wrong, so it was fixed. The big deal on this is that for the short row sections -I didn't turn my work, I knit backwards instead. This is my reason for not being able to put it down (and then a little late for work...) I couldn't beleive how easy it was - I admit I wouldn't want to do it for more than 8 or 9 stitches, but it is so AMAZING. Now to decide if I want to do this over 180+ stitches. We will see about that small detail.

On another note - I have two gurls, hence 2 beds (for them). They are sleeping together right now because it's more nicer to sleep with someone. Ahh, this is the same child who asked how I new the Jolly Saint Nick song. The joys, the trials, the love.

Have a great week - I AM FEARLESS KNITTER!!! my hesitation over the afghan is the strain on my wrists, not FEAR of the pattern. tee hee.


Miss Me said...

oh yes... it is very addictive! it looks very nice. i don't know if i could do version 2, but i loved the blocks.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Who can resist Noro? Hope you and the grrls are staying warm -- there will be Hot Cocoa on the way soon!!
~your pal

peaknits said...

The Lizard Ridge block is gorgeous! Kids, aint they charming sometimes?!:) I am hoping for a snowday tomorrow - I have my fingers crossed!

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Wow! Go Sharon! It looks great. Will you make the afghan now??? will be lovely if you do.

Heather said...

That is gorgeous.
I have had those mornings.....
It is crazy weather here in the mid atlantic FYI---75degrees...I would like some of your snow:)

Monika said...

That one passed me by, even though I loved the original blanket.
I've read about people haveing trouble with the fire starter socks. I'm looking forward to it now. ;o) Just have to finish 3 WIP's first, sigh.