Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SPOILED - and they aren't even done yet!!

So today was a little busy - big gurl had an eye check up, all is perfect (my hair is curled tighter than normal with prayers that she avoids glasses even though she is dying for a Barbie pair).
Lunch at Joey's Only Seafood - cause I was craving fish and chips and figured it was a smidge healthier than McDonalds (big gurl's first choice).
Shoes (black Mary Janes), boots (Hannah Montana useless $%^^%%) and a pretty coat (sparkly pink with fake fur lining) were bought for the big gurl. She received money from her grandparents in Florida and I had promised to buy her shoes as her others (last Christmas gift) were destroyed. The boots were purchased due to the fact that, well all the other gurlz do have them and her grandparents would have bought them for her. The coat - well she has one winter coat - it goes everywhere, she needed something pretty and it is at least a size too big, so should last a couple years. Plus it was all on sale.
Little gurl - two fleece sleepers - cause she doesn't stay under her covers and gets as cold as me, and a sweet My Little Pony - with the money from grandparents again (also on sale).
And a Madeline video, since the other Christmas present is still winging it's way too me.
Little gurl has a nasty cold thing going on - I went to two different shops today, I had the Dimetapp in my hand and cart, but when we got home it wasn't there. At least they didn't charge me for it. I called the little pharmacy around the corner for it - it's off the market?!?!?!? I was pleasant with her, but I know it was in the store. This stuff is amazing for the little gurl's cold thing - we wouldn't have survived last winter without it. ARRGGHH
Me - well some travel sized toiletries, new contacts, groceries and oh yeah - my swap packages have arrived - or portions of them.

First up - WWCS - this one I know is not complete as my spoiler was ill, but wanted to make sure I got something.

This was what I saw when i opened the box - and it smelled like pine needles.

In the box -Hazelnut flavoured coffee and a gorgeous tall mug with a knitting embellishment (it was in the cute reindeer bag). If it hadn't been after 4:00 pm I would have brewed some right up. Smelled heavenly.

I also received my Harvest Sock Swap package (forgot to take a picture before I opened it). Here is all the glory.

Color Wonder for litle gurl, flower magnet/painting set for big gurl, Burt's Bees Bee-Bop wristlet (while waiting for the mail lady to come back I eyed the display of these)Better Homes and Gardens - pot holder with snowflake cookie cutter and Sugar Cookie Mix; Keychain Sock Blocker set - want to make the little socks out of all my yarn ends; Austermann Step - been wanting to try this, and the sock - made with Knit Picks Essential in Blue Violet Multi. Here's a close-up

It fits great - unknown pattern right now as Stacey had to order more yarn and will send the pattern with it. Thank you so much, Stacey!!!!

Must go now as little gurl is crying and coughing and... I don't know that I will make it to work this week after all..


Knitting Mama said...

I can't stand Hannah Montana and I just learned about her from my step-niece over Xmas. OY!!!

Heather said...

Hannah my sleep I sing Best of both worlds and everyone makes mistakes.....Lucky me my Mom got me my 5yo and my nieces and sister tix to see the 3D MOvie...I will definitley email me you ALL the GORY Details you can comiserate with me!!!!!
After all everyone makes mistakes everyone has those days!!!!

Batty said...

Beautiful package! I'm sorry you have sick gurl, and I hope she feels better soon/nobody else catches whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you like your mug! Part two was supposed to be delivered today, but the tracking number they gave me isn't tracking anything :( So I have to go down there and find out what is going on.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Love that package you got!
Hope that little one gets better soon!!!!!!