Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm NOT tired...

...instant headache to a tired parent's ears. I haven't handled it well. Especially since she riled up the little gurl who then wouldn't go to bed without a tantrum. About on a par with this from an angry child.
And that is whom I am knitting a scarf for? Ungrateful ...
How do your Monday's go? Generally speaking I am strange in that I enjoy Monday's because it is the point where the gurlz and I are at loggerheads anyways and we could use a short break from each other. Currently it also has the added factor of the inability to use a portion of my home the way I want to, so I am eager to leave.
Mine go fairly well until about 7:55 am or whenever I open the front door. Seriously. It's like you turn a switch on the big gurl and suddenly she is soooooo tired and just wants to sleep and her head hurts and her pants don't fit.
Quote of the day from yesterday (from same gurl)
I wish school was only on Wednesdays.
She's only 6 years, 10 months folks. Do you think there might be some heavy disappointment in this young gurl's life? I went to school for 20 years (21 if you count the half years).
On the knitting front - the scarf is a little further, keyhole thing done and heading for the next set of pop sticks. Sis's afghan got some attention last night, but after reading Yarn Harlot's post on the importance of 'casting off' and reinforcing, it may be headed to the frog pond. I hate doing a bind off or seam when it is just as easy to continue knitting. The shape may not hold. Arrgghh.
What about pictures you say? I am really not in the mood, but maybe I will. Give me a moment.
(45 minutes later of which 15 were spent ripping the room apart without harming anyone)
Did you hear the screaming???????????????
Well, since I had my camera out and a pretty set up to lay my yarn on, I decided to take some pictures for ravelry re yarn and projects - took 40 of yarn and 4 project photos to post here and... I CAN'T FIND THE CAMERA CABLE.
No place. No how.
Angry now.
Calm ....what calms a knitter.
Need to cast on a pair of Momma Monkey socks, see here for details.
I think that will be easier than posting pictures today. Sorry.

One last thing. As of March 1st I cannot purchase more yarn for some time. I mean I took 40 pictures of yarn, and I didn't even touch the sock yarn or afghan yarn or sweater yarn or 20 years of stash yarn...or the package coming from this sale. I can see 40 more skeins and I know there are about 100 not in view. (all with specific projects and purpose in mind of course)

So I hereby state that no yarn - not even sock yarn - will be bought until June 30th, 2008.

Except for Noro Silk Garden - for Lizard Ridge (of course the only way to find that yarn is to go into quality yarn shoppes). This includes all yarn not paid for before February 29th, 2008. (cause I have two sock clubs that have been paid for but will continue to arrive after that date) and cause I may need something yet this week.
This may be really hard. If I destash I can replace right?
Sorry Angela and Robyn, it's definitely not personal. Please readers, if you are not on a yarn diet, go shopping in their shops cause they have some great stuff.
I need to go spend some money.


Crystal said...

I think our little ones need to meet. I get the I'M NOT TIRED! screamed at me while he's crying and red in the face. And don't get me started our adventures trying to get out the door to school.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

No worries - no hurt feelings! Hope to see you back in July! Yes, the shop is staying open after the baby is born - just shipping will halt only while I'm in labor/during baby born time :)

peaknits said...

Ah, my daughter is just less than 8 and she has the same disappointments coming:) Every morning is a fight to get her going, why can't she see how she makes things so much harder for herself then they need to be? I'll keep trying! Good luck with that camera cable - maybe a drink later will help?!