Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting for the mail....without going POSTAL!!

Are you a patient person?
Generally speaking I am, with some exceptions (8:00 am on a school day, when we are late, at stupid people..)
I am patiently.... waiting for some mail.
1. prize from WWCS - i heard it went in the mail at the beginning of January, but currently unaccounted for.
2. part of my Hot Cocoa Swap gift - I ordered it as soon as I could and paid as soon as I knew, but I don't think it was soon enough.
3. malabrigo - 2 sets of destash lots.. one only mailed 2 days ago, but the other was at least 4 days ago.
4. Robyn's Nest Sock club for January - i have resolutely stood firm in not ordering the February, but I still want my January soon. (nothing against the club, but I have WAY too many skeins of yarn.
5. something else. can't even remember what at this point, but well, you can bet the bills find their way here right on time!!!
That isn't as bad as I though, but still seems to be a long time.
On another mailing front, I'm guessing I wasn't selected for the Socks that Rock club cause I see people getting theirs, and well I never was sent a bill... at least I don't have to gripe over that unknitted yarn.
Looking at that list, I feel guilty for complaining, but sometimes...


Knitting Mama said...

That's too bad that you weren't selected for the sock club. Awww...

Well I hope we wont miss you too long in the sock club, we have some gorgeous colorways coming up!

I hate waiting for mail too - I just love receiving it!

Your Jan kit should be there any minute now! They were mailed already, Xpresspost!

Batty said...

With all the good stuff you have coming, I can't blame you for being impatient!

Monika said...

I'm a very patient person, but not when fiber is concerned! Today, though, I had a pleasant surprise! I've got a kit from Holland, not ordered a week ago! Elann sock yarn not even ordered a week ago! Wow that one was really fast. And Electric Sheep Fiber Club, which I had forgotten is on it's way. Still waiting for Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, but I'm used to it, that it's always at least a month late.
Since almost everything I've ordered has arrived, I've ordered some more books. I like getting mail.... :o)

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Being patient can be overrated.
With kids, one must have patience but I find that I have less for other things.