Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29th - end of Reno phase 1

hee hee - just waiting for the floor to dry, one more vacuuming and my living room and office/den/spare room are mine again.
Thank you Keith - I would post pictures, but the aforementioned camera cable is still awol.
On the yarn front - Robyn very graciously helped me spend some more money before my self imposed deadline and if the weather improves, my MOTHER may make me break it as she wants to take me to a real wool farm/store near their place. It would be rude not to buy more.
What else is going on - scarf is puttering - thinking of enlarging keyhole part as it is for a 6 year 10 month old (only second time ever she was really 10 months old!!!) That involves ripping about 20 rows - so it may not happen.
Definitely contemplating ripping the sister's afghan. love it, but it doesn't seem right - the starting square of course, not the two others. We will see.
I bought and paid for tickets to Florida for big gurl's birthday. No turning back now - Last week of April - we are there. I'm not telling them until absolutely necessary. I bet you understand.
My coffee swap prize arrived today - well yesterday, but had to sign for it, so picked it up today. Thank you Annemarie - lovely blue yarns and cards and notebook and I think the smelly sachet is going to help clear up one of less positively odoured rooms. I will post pics as previously stated just as soon as possible.
We are snowed in a little - supposed to go to parents tonight, but very snowy and the roads around their place are just deadly. For my sake, please pray that we can go tomorrow as my 2 year old cried when we turned on our street and kicked at me, when I tried to get her out of the car - we hadn't even packed at this point.
I though the little ones didn't have long term memories?
Not my luck, that's for sure.
Talk to you later.


Crystal said...

Whoo-hoo! You have your house back. It must be so nice. I have a wee package that will be sent to you today. And don't tell them, not even when packing, I did that once, he thought it was the best surprise ever, just showing up at the airport.

peaknits said...

I am sorry to hear about your weather - I will say a little prayer - I know how those little people get their hearts set on grandma's house!

Heather said...

Sorry about the weather. I can not wait to hear about the wool farm:)
Florida YEAH for you! I would not tell until I was in the air LOL:)

Batty said...

We're supposed to obey our mothers, you know. So if she decides to take you to a wool farm, you better be a shining example to the gurls and buy any yarn she shoves your way!