Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Wool Shoppe, but maybe something even better

Saturday was clear at 7:00 am, so by about 7:45 we were on the way to Oma & Opa's. Of course the weather got super nasty just over halfway there, but i wasn't turning back - or slowing down. We were there before 9:30 - plenty of time for coffee and fun. The gurlz were so happy they immediately took out the toys and played and played and played.
I finished big gurl's scarf - pics as soon as that cord shows up - and plugged away at sis's afghan. I have a plan of sorts at this point, so that is good.
We didn't make it to the wool shoppe as we couldn't find any information on it - the leaflet Mom got last summer is somewhere in my house and I wasn't here. Googled and ravelried it, but to no avail. We just hung out and last night we watched Juno - what a beautiful movie - just fabulous everything in it. Wow.
This morning, my Mom suddenly says, I don't know if this is too basic for you, but I picked this up at the Sally Ann in Ingersoll and well, I'm not sure... My cries of joy cut her off completely and I danced around the room and hugged her and then danced and cheered some more.
Why, you ask - because she handed me this book. Not this edition, but one of the older editions, however I was so happy. Some sadness that the BSJ was not in it, but that quickly evaporated as I poured over the pages. Let's just say that any of EZ's books are now on my Mom's search list - and well, she is going to buy any decent looking knitting book she finds from now on.
Thank you Mom!!!
funny thing she said - I'm thinking of trying it, could you get me some stuff to start?
Hello - don't spend a dime Mom - needles, yarn, books and everything in between is here.
And she has suggested we take a tent and drive around to the different wool farms/shoppes in Ontario. How cool is that??


nanaknits said...

How fun! Your Mom sounds great, mine just shakes her head and says she could never get both hands to work together 'that way' indicating my knitting. But... she's an accomplished quilter. Oh, well.

gurlygurl said...

WOW that is awsome. I so want to go on that trip and I even have the tent and mattresses. I have my stash close with your books. Let me know if you need them for you momma. love you...xoxoxo

Heather said...

I want to go too...
My Mom who knits got a signed copy from ebay, her pride and joy!

Batty said...

What an awesome gift!