Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life, Stitch'n'Pitch and other lemons

So - what did I say about being a better blogger?!?!?!
Amazing how life and commitments can slow you down and distract you. Part of it has been that at work there is a lot of data entry and system errors and corrections and time is of the essence. Berry frustrating (the v did not want to type). The gurlz are busy and want Mama. There was the Special Project to finish (almost done now). And the projects that just lept on the needles - a Squatty Sidekick which has been felted and embellished - needle felting, thank you Nellie (aunt) and also Susan B. Anderson and also the LYS which had the necessary implements on for 60% off. It is beautiful and the big gurl has claimed it for herself. The only gurl couzin will have to hope auntie gets reinspired! It was an easy knit so I see no problems there!!!
A pair of socks jumped on the needles too. Thank you Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop!! Your skinny duet, Cowgirl was irresistible and is now over halfway up the foot - both feet at once!!. I thought they would be Monkey socks, but they are something else - found a delightful template in my Knitting Stitches book and then eliminated a row to create what I wanted (after that I discovered a way I could have kept said row in, but oh well).
So I have 1/3 finished pair of socks, 1 and 2/3 finished socks, a felted purse (plus a mini) and tickets to Stitch 'n' Pitch with the Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Angels for August 15th (the big gurl will be at Oma's and the little gurl with her father - or he will die - I don't really mean that).
My friend Kris is coming with me and I am so excited I even got their link. It is here and whether it is linked correctly or not, I don't care right now!!!!!!

Other lemons - lots of stress at work and the heat during the day is rather oppressive - it cools off beautifully at night, but the poor gurlz don't know what to do with it. I am without my Yarn Pirate Booty and my last installment of the Insubordiknit is nowhere to be found.

There are other yarns in the house, but when your yarn is astray without you, it is very sad indeed. Must clean up camera in order to take pictures of WIP and FO. Will get it done tomorrow.

We had a wonderful time with Nellie, Rik and Thymen (dutch relatives) . Thanks for dinner and a day of fun and just coming down!!!! Have a very safe trip home!!


Marti said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Batty said...

Why don't they do Stitch 'n' Pitch around here? I want to go!

gurlygurl said...

What is stich and pitch. I honestly prefer drink and pitch. But I am sure you will also be doing that and How come I am not going to??? I think you forgot who I am ....sniff sniff.