Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Little Update on Stuff

So just a couple of pics for this post.

The first is completed sock one and start of sock 2. Sock 2 may be frogged due to issues with the picot edge.

Next comes my yarn from Pixie Riot. Smells like kool-aid. Will become socks one day. Very lousy photo.

Next is Ice cream loungers and my normal front yard. They sure had fun. They were also the sidewalk artists and official dog greeters.

This picture is of the current state of my front yard. Reminds me of a couple I've seen posted - Yarn Pirate had one with all sorts of digger tools and there was someone else - although hers was of the beautiful work she had done. This will be beautiful again - but who knows when!! I am standing on the sidewalk in the above photo.

Do you see the lovely chalk work beside the front door? That is my big gurl's art that she was 'extremely' upset would be inaccessible. However, they did not have to go through the porch floor (were able to tunnel under) so I am very happy and so is she. (it's just not safe for her to be on the porch due to the hole and only plastic lattice and a large board in the way). That was a whole nother discussion as she just didn't understand why.

And last but not least, my gurlz in my brother's shop yard at my parents last Friday night. The little one literally sat in the mud. Her shorts are actually pinks and brown not just brown. The boots had mud in them. The big gurl is not sitting, but it sure looks like it. They had so much fun!!!


Batty said...

US customs are still holding my pixieriot yarn. I want it now!

Marti said...

Cute sock, love the yarn!