Monday, July 9, 2007

What's going on?

So - it is Monday and we are back to normal (no school for the big gurl but she gives enough drama to make up for that). We shall see how the big gurl does as there are no naps in summer daycare land. Great - I might be able to get her to bed for 8:00 pm again (in a week or so).

How are we? good. half of the relative and party stuff is ended for the month. There are still the Florida grandparents to meet for the first time and the big gurl's whole other side - 4 or 5 great uncles and their respective families.
can't wait.
really, just dying to go.
love meeting new people related to my daughter and her SD (sperm donor)
we are not feeling negatively about anyone today.

Photos - well that requires finding the camera and uploading and lots of energy and since I am sitting in the dark, typing on my computer and am sweating, I think I will not do that. However I was emailed a lovely photo of my whole immediate family so I will go find it - without moving of course.
Who are they all you ask? Well there are my three brothers and their wives and kids, my sister (blue skirt) my parents - mom in centre with littlest one in red and dad on left with stripey boy. And of course me and the gurlz.
It was not last spring that this photo was taken, but July 2nd, but it was about 8:00 pm, and my dad is very cold blooded and so he traded his shorts (not the cutoff jeans) and Tshirt for his long pants, warm sweater and yes, he has socks on with his sandals. The zaniness in the photo was inspired by the fact that just as everyone got in the shot, one of the boys headed to the washroom and was well, in there for 5 minutes and some deserting of the pose occurred and the little ones were a little restless. But we all had fun. I am hoping there are shots where my youngest brother is not just a ball cap, and I don't look like I am posing for Vogue (or the before shot for WW).
You can see why sometimes it might get a little hectic when we are all together!!!

On the knitting front, I have been working on 'the project' and am getting ready for making Monkey socks. Of course there is the second sock for Mel, but well, inspiration has not struck. Too hot. Must sleep now as the excavators called and they are ready to dig in now. Hoping to discuss this with the guy tomorrow as want assurances and to clarify what is going on. But, it is not my fault they call my home number and leave a message at 3:43 in the afternoon on a Monday and they want to come on Tuesday (or whenever it suits). We shall see.

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Batty said...

That's a wonderful family picture!