Tuesday, July 3, 2007

le comptoir

I have found a computer and will say hello!
The birthday party on July 2nd was a resounding success and the tour of the Falls was wonderful!!!
The gurlz are currently far away and I may just go over to the bar for a little drink.
It's early yet.
There is a prom in the hotel tonight and it is madness I say!! The amount of money these kids are spending. WOW.
I wish to confess that I have overconfident driving issues and as a result drove up and down two separate streets last night and had to turn around four times in total.
Talk to you later!


Batty said...

Hope you had a great 4th!

Angela said...

Hi Sharon!
Got your post about Duet Sock Yarn Sock Club!
Details coming soon! If you forget your login...you can just create a new one! I don't mind a bit :)
Happy knitting! ~Angela

Stephanie said...

Sharon- I'd like to email you the turtle hat pattern. Can you leave me a comment with your email? Thanks, Stephanie